‘re-thinking’ some of the PARABLES

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#38 -   Jericho-Church Water Supply Poisoned Situation needs input from a hearing-son.
#37 -   The Parable Of Achan As you enter into the Kingdom of God, don't bring along anything from religious Babylon
#36 -   The Parable Of  Rahab Keep the vision of your destiny in spite of your situation.
#35 -   The Parable Of The Four Lepers God Feeds The Hungry ... Are You Hungry?
#25 - A Jacob Parable ... One Apprehended Are angels ascending and descending upon you?
#26 - The Prodigal Kingdom-Son Are you returning into Father's heart and purpose?
#27 - Kingdom Of Heaven Talents and Pounds The means by which a servant is changed into a king.
#28 - The Parable Of The Soils Just how much of your 'soil' do you yield up?
#29 - Blind Man Parable Do you see every man clearly?
#1 - The Lost Coin  Is your 'life-in-Christ' coin covered up by dust (fleshly thinking)?
#2 - Digging For Treasure  Are you willing to sell all . . . not just most?
#3 - Blind Bartimæus  Do you have a clear vision?
#4 - Zacchæus - short of the full stature  Don't run to the wrong tree!
#5 - Don't Ruin The New Coat  Are there any holes in your covering?
#6 -  Precious New Wine  New wine should be a little at a time!
#7 - The Greatest Pearl Is Mine  Are you willing to give up old goodies?
#8 -  Good And Worthless  Separated  Be alert to God's sifting.
#9 - Manchild Arise  Is Kingdom-life within you and in your midst?
#10 - Instruction From God  Just what are you sharing with others?
#11 - The Progressive Journey To The Other Side Are you content where you are, or are you coming to the other side?
#12 - It's Just Past Midnight Check your spiritual clock!
#13 - The 8 Miracle Signs In John Where are you and what do you really have?
#14 - Stay Focused On Christ
Are you under or over your circumstances?
#15 - Enter The Kingdom?  No Thanks   If you just want to die and go to heaven, don't read this!
#16 - The Parable Of David And Goliath Is Goliath's carnal reasoning under your feet?
#18 - We Have Found Water!  Dig again your clogged wells!
#19 - God's House of Mercy  Are you ready for change?
#20 - Are You Building Your 'House' Aright Right?  Kingdom-Life depends on your test results.
#21 - 99 + 1 - 'Little-One's = Kingdom of Heaven  You can't lose your way! ... HE won't allow it!
#22 - The Parable of Noah is For Now!  Take up your 'Cross' as seen in Noah's Ark.
#23 - The Parable of Mount Carmel  'Form' or 'reality'? Truly an important choice you need to make.
#24 - Born Blind?  How much do you see in the spirit?