Eulogy by Margit Roach (Mamaw)

My Dear Christopher,

God sent you into my life as an angel and for a purpose. Through your journey on this Earth we had a lot of wonderful and fun times, but then we also had the sad ones, when we found out that you had a medical condition. That made me love you even more. I remember you and me playing bouncy ball over the coffee table when you were little, so I’m sending one of those balls with you on your journey. And always sleeping between Papaw and me. In your later life whenever I needed your help you were always there. In the last two years you always wanted to play cards with us, because you liked Liverpool Rummy. There's lots, lots more I could say; but I will hold those treasures dear to my heart.  My special name for you was “CHRISTOPHOLO”.  So, my dear sweet Christopholo, you were a very major part of my sunshine of all my eight grand-children.

We also talked quite often about God and Jesus our savior, where you are now. You will live in my heart until we meet again. All my love your Mamaw.


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