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The Apocalypse


Part 19

Publication #221.10

The Day Of The Lord

(Part 5)


Keys To The Kingdom Of Heaven


Fission & Fusion
Adam & Jesus

"Blessed are you, Simon Barjona, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but My Father who is in heaven....and upon this rock I will build My church; and....I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven." Matthew 16:17, 19 (NASB).

It is easily understood by most that it is upon the solid, sure foundation of revelation that the Church is built, and all who hold the keys of that heavenly kingdom are given open access to the powers therein. And be quick to know that those keys are not given at random. They are not given because a person may have church credentials or an ordination from a seminary or bible college. Neither does a church of ten thousand members give its pastor a license to the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Not by any means! No one except those who are as Simon Barjona. As we saw previously, they are those who are born of the Dove, the Spirit of the Living God. It is they who are able to hear, as Simon means in the Greek, and Barjona means son of the Dove. Therefore, only the sons of the Dove, the sons of Love, that is, the sons of God will hear and receive the keys. They are the ones to whom are given them in order to do in the earth that which is first done in the unseen heavens. It is in them, through them, and from them that the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ is known inwardly and outwardly by every son of God.

The cry of this mighty vanguard can be heard today: "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." Matthew 6:10. I would love to have more answers to how this will come about. Although my understanding is limited, I will share the portion I do see of our Lord's Apocalypse that will reveal His kingdom, first to His elect, then to His bride, and finally the world. Those perceiving this glorious kingdom will be the ones with an eye to see. For this kingdom does not come by observation of the natural eye. Some of it was seen manifested by Jesus, not to mention His corporate body for the past 2,000 years, but certainly not to the degree that Paul spoke of in the eighth chapter of Romans saying that creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Although thousands were miraculously fed by Jesus, many healed, and quite a number saw Him raise Lazarus from the dead, the witnesses on those occasions did not see the Kingdom of God. Their minds perceived a natural man who produced natural miracles, and many wanted to follow him so they could have a ready supply of natural fishes and loaves. But as far as seeing the Kingdom of God, they did not. That heavenly kingdom is seen and known only by the Sprit.

Some are saying that the manifestation of the sons of God has already taken place. However, the Kingdom of God does not come by a fellowship of men and women hoping or presuming it to be so, neither does it come spontaneously, and neither does it come due to a million believers embracing the same religious persuasion regardless of how convincing the thought might be. Men have attempted to organize worldwide campaigns and have everyone to "agree" in prayer and fasting that Jesus would descend upon the Mount of Olives and set up His kingdom in the earth; but none of their efforts have worked, and they won't work. These are not the keys of the kingdom. Such manmade sweat and tears have never nor ever will unlock heaven's gates or pry open one of its windows.

Speculations about the government of God in the earth and its keys have been treasured pastimes for quite a number of people. It is common for Christians to become enthraled with the signs of the times, so called, that foretell what they believe is the soon approaching end of the world, the rapture, or the dawn of the 1000 year reign of Christ. More often than not, they look for these boding signs of what they see going on in politics, social immorality, world events, natural disasters, or what is happening in the nation of Israel.

Tens of thousands of books have been sold by authors who claim to have unlocked the bolted doors of the mysteries of God. They have identified various men throughout the ages who were supposed to have been the infamous Antichrist. Some have predicted dates of the Second Coming--an event which is supposed to coincide in some way or another with the reign of the Abomination of Desolation. One of these men predicted the exact hour and date of this spectacular phenomenon; but he didn't say which time zone this supposed hour was to take place: Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time, Pacific Standard Time, or Jerusalem's time (Eastern Europe Time).

"Edgar C. Whisenant (September 25, 1932 - May 16, 2001), a former NASA engineer and Bible student predicted the Rapture would occur in 1988, sometime between September 11 and September13. He published two books about this: 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988 and On Borrowed Time. Eventually, 300,000 copies of 88 Reasons were mailed free of charge to ministers across America, and 4.5 million copies were sold in bookstores and elsewhere. Whisenant was quoted as saying 'Only if the Bible is in error am I wrong; and I say that to every preacher in town,' and, 'If there were a king in this country and I could gamble with my life, I would stake my life on Rosh Hashanah 88.'

"Whisenant's predictions were taken seriously in some parts of the evangelical Christian community. As the great day approached, regular programming on the Christian Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) was interrupted to provide special instructions on preparing for the Rapture.

"When the predicted Rapture failed to occur, Whisenant followed up with later books with predictions for various dates in 1989, 1993, and 1994. These books did not sell in quantity. Whisenant continued to issue various Rapture predictions through 1997, but gathered little attention." (

After the date came and went with no event, there were thousands of financially wrecked lives of those who recklessly maxed out their credit cards, thinking they wouldn't be here to be held responsible for paying them off. If the snatching away of the saints had really taken place, they would have been left behind for purposely stealing from the financial institutions. However, I read recently from an acquaintance of Whisenant that he gave back all the monies that had been donated directly to him, for he had no contract to receive anything from sales of the book; he believed that he would not be here and wouldn't be needing any money. Although he lost everything, he continued nine more years of repeated error and failure. It didn't work for him, and it won't work for anyone today, nor will it work at any day in the future; for you see, the entire notion is built upon a false premise. It is sad to see sincere men being so deceived and leading others into the ditch with them.

This man sincerely believed with everything his mind could forge concerning the erroneous catching away of the saints in September of 1988, and he continued hammering on that anvil for a few more years afterwards. But he was sincerely wrong! He most likely died believing that smoke-screen invented by two Jesuit priests, Francisco Ribera, and Emmanuel Lacunza (who wrote under the assumed name Rabbi Ben Ezra), to divert attention away from the rumor going around that the Pope was the Antichrist. (see The Rapture Question).

It seems to be inherent for people in the ranks of Christianity to become excited with every significant change that takes place in the world. They see them as cryptical omens foreshadowing the Rapture, the Antichrist, the Tribulation, the End of the World, or some other misunderstood passages of the Bible.

As it was with the Pharisees, a large portion of the church system seeks signs. It's been going on for a long time, and some people thrive on it, as I once did for a short time. This can be expected to touch the excitable minds of the young in the Lord, but there is a time to grow out of it and face spiritual reality. If we will notice, many have not grown out of it, such as the poor man mentioned above, and most of them have totally missed the meaning of the signs they read about in the Bible. And there is a good reason for this. They read the scriptures and reason with the carnal mind. Their understanding is darkened by the veil that covers their spiritual eyes. In the same manner, only the very few could see the heavenly Kingdom of God in the days of Jesus in the land of Israel.

It is not uncommon for people to view wars and rumors of wars around the world as signs of the last days, along with depravity, inordinate affections, immorality, tumultuous world events, and natural disasters. When their central focus is natural, they miss that which is happening in the realm of the Spirit. When they focus on the natural elements, they cannot hear His voice from the heavens within. Preachers and laity alike prophecy largely from the platform broadcasted on the evening news rather than from what is trumpeted out of heaven, and without fail, they miss the mark of reality. Some of those who use the news as a prop for their declarations are looking for the coming of the Lord in all the wrong places.

With the airways being overrun with reports of storms, floods, tsunamis, droughts, rampant crime, wars and drug wars, incurable diseases, and the imminent fall of nations, people's minds can become over-burdened and anxious by such bombardments. This can cause the spirit of fear to rise and seize their souls, and not only they; but it happens to those who are supposed to have more understanding as well. Frankly, when we become more aware of and tuned into the gross darkness of man's world than we are of the light and glory of the indwelling Spirit of Christ, we invariably fall prey to that system. Whenever we are disquieted by the things that are happening in the natural affairs of the world, it is obvious, then, that we are looking to the powers of darkness for the answers to the woes rather than to He who rules from the heavens. It is then that we can know that we dwell in the earth instead of being those who are raised up and sit together with Him in heavenly places. It is from that high place that the Kingdom of God is orchestrated, not from the natural mind inspired by ABC, CBS, or Fox News. Moreover, although unknown or forgotten by many, the Kingdom of God does not come by such outward observation. There are outward manifestations, this is sure, and there will be much greater ones, but this Kingdom can only be known by the Spirit. It was the same with Jesus. He was an outward manifestation of God's Son. He did marvelous things. He healed the sick, cast out demons, and raised the dead; but only five that I am aware of, including Simeon, Mary Magdalene, and Peter, saw beyond His physical body and knew He was the Son of God. The other two were His mother, Mary, and Joseph; for they both heard by the Spirit from the two angels that He was the Son of God. If there were more who saw beyond the veil of natural reasoning, there is no record of it to my knowledge. (rf. #116.99 Into Death and Hell

To be reminded of this: "And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: 21Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." Luke 17:20-21. The Pharisees believed that the Kingdom of God would to handed to them after great signs and wonders overshadowed the land, and following would be outward manifestations of their supposed holy powers with Israel's enemies being consumed with fear, and God's elect would come down on them with the sweeping hand of absolute victory. And do we not see the same mentality with today's ideas of dispensationalism? I believe them to be twin sisters to the old Jewish mind-set. That which the religious figureheads were supposing in those days is not much different, if at all, to many of today's Pentecostals, Fundamentalists, Charismatics, and even Kingdom people. Things haven't changed much with men, and it is not to be expected otherwise; for the natural mind will always think natural, and naturally observe things on that lower level. It is no wonder, then, that their keys to the Kingdom of heaven do not fit the lock to the door of revelation. Their assertions and commands just don't make the grade.

However, when lightning, thunder, and voices are heard proceeding from the throne, they who hear can command from that high place and things will be done. We do not command, however, until we know and hear the voice of our Father. Jesus did not speak until He heard His Father speak, and when He spoke that which He heard from His Father, it always came to pass in the earth. Moreover, it was a simple thing for Him to hear and see what His Father was saying and doing; for although His feet walked the dusty avenues of earth's byways, He was in heaven. He made this clear when He said that no man can ascend to heaven except he first descends from heaven, even the son of man who is in heaven. Since He was in heaven, He knew what was going on in that realm. It should be the same with us, and if it is not now it shall shortly be. This is a must! For didn't Paul say that we are seated in the heavens in Jesus Christ? Yes! He certainly did, and I believe him.

Therefore, all who abide upon the footstool, the earth, always obey whoever speaks from that throne, no questions asked.

Fission & Fusion
Adam & Jesus

Even though we know who we are and know the heavens from where we dwell, and also from where we command, what do you suppose we will be commanding? What is the throne going to be telling the footstool? What will we be doing about the death and darkness that the first Adam brought about? How will we undo the fatal blow that was delivered to creation when everything was ripped apart and died? It seems like a mountain too high to climb; for Adam's act is comparable to a nuclear bomb that was detonated directly in the midst of the city of his very being. The explosive reaction came upon himself and to every living cell and person of humanity who came afterwards. Can such a wound be healed? Can a scattering of such a magnitude of particles ever be drawn together again? Sounds impossible, doesn't it? But praise God, it is not impossible; for with Him there is only one thing that is impossible for Him to do, and that is to lie! (rf. Hebrews 6:18).

However, prior to man's explosion of sin, there was something else that would seem impossible for even God to do--to split the Adam and make two. This would seem just as impossible for that man to split another atom. In the beginning of humanity's journey in the realm of time on the earth, Adam, male and female, was the one man who was God-conscious, and I believe that male and female, a corporate man, can be compared to a corporate atom of protons (positive charge, electrons (negative charge), and neutrons (neutral, no charge). Both, the adam and the atom, would seem to be indivisible. Although made up of more than one part, they were each considered a single unit and would appear to be indivisible; yet God defied what man would have deemed impossible and split the one Adam, and the world would never be the same. When the lie of the serpent pierced the nucleolus of the woman's heart, there was a nuclear fission that started the adamic reaction of death and destruction.

Whether an adamic or atomic reaction starts there is an awesome amount of energy released, and I know something of this phenomenon. The very first atomic bomb that was detonated took place in my backyard, so to speak. This was when I was three years old. It was July 16, 1945 seventy-seven miles northwest of my hometown of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Many authorities in the field of science said it couldn't be done, but they were wrong, and the world was changed forever. In the early morning darkness the incredible destructive power of the atom was first unleashed, and what had been only a theory became a reality. The fact is, it was so much a theory that the scientists who designed the bomb did not know if the atomic reaction would stop once it began.  

"One of the scientists, the 1938 Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Enrico Fermi, was willing to bet anyone that the test would wipe out all life on Earth, with special odds on the mere destruction of the entire State of New Mexico!" Not only did one of their top physicists feel this way, General Thomas Farrell said: "Many were apprehensive and concerned that the blast might launch a cataclysmic reaction in the upper atmosphere leading to the destruction of the world. We were reaching into the unknown and we did not know what might come of it. It can be safely said that most of those present - Christian, Jew and Atheist - were praying and praying harder than they had ever prayed before....In that brief instant in the remote New Mexico desert the tremendous effort of the brains and brawn of all these people came suddenly and startlingly to the fullest fruition. Dr. Oppenheimer, on whom had rested a very heavy burden, grew tenser as the last seconds ticked off. He scarcely breathed. He held on to a post to steady himself. For the last few seconds, he stared directly ahead and then the announcer shouted 'Now!' And there came this tremendous burst of light followed shortly thereafter by the deep growling roar of the explosion, his face relaxed into an expression of tremendous relief...but then somberly said, 'I am become death, the shatterer of worlds.'

"Several of the observers standing back of the shelter to watch the lighting effects were knocked flat by the blast....There was a feeling in that shelter that those concerned with its nativity should dedicate their lives to the mission that it would always be used for good and never for evil.

"In Los Alamos, 230 miles to the north where the work had been done, a group of scientists' wives who had stayed up all night for the not so secret test, saw the light and heard the distant sound. One wife, Jane Wilson, described it this way: 'Then it came. The blinding light no one had ever seen. The trees illuminated, leaping out. The mountains flashing into life. Later, the long slow rumble. Something had happened, all right, for good or ill.'" (References: Department of State, Foreign Relations for the United States Conference of Berlin (Potsdam) (1945); Lansing, Lamont, Day of Trinity (1965), City of Fire: Los Alamos and the Atomic Age - James W. Kunetka, and Standing By and Making Do: Women in Wartime Los Alamos - Jane S. and Charlotte Serber.)

We then dropped two of those bombs on two cities in Japan. Hiroshima was the first and three days later Nagasaki. It has been estimated that the two bombs claimed over 200,000 lives. This ended a war that had already taken over 60 million lives, as some have calculated, and whether justifiable or not, no one can say how many more would have been lost if those cities had not been destroyed, but many authorities believe millions more. Such devastation isn't an easy thing to accept as having been just, but it seems to be akin to what Caiphus prophesied of Jesus, "One man must die for the nation," and perhaps the 200,000 innocents had to die for the preservation of the world. I will leave that call before the throne of God.

After Dr. Openheimer witnessed the craft of his brilliant mind, and although he was relieved that Trinity worked, we are sure his heart sank by knowing the death and destruction that would follow, thus his tortured words -- "I am become death, the shatterer of worlds!" This was the most deadly undertaking that man had ever devised and then used against mankind. Yet, this is not altogether true; for the first man did the same but magnified many times over when he took and ate the deadly fruit given to him at the hand of his wife.

Moreover, Jesus in like manner took and drank the cup of death when His wife, the people of Israel, offered him up to be sacrificed. As it was with the last Adam who was not in transgression, the first Adam was neither in transgression, but the woman (rf. 1 Timothy 2:14), and both men died to save their wives. Eve could not be saved except in childbearing, and she could not bear the proper son without the seed of her husband. Therefore, Adam chose to die with her, as did Jesus; however, not for His bride alone, but for the whole world. The difference, of course, is that the death of the first Adam (fission) started a chain reaction that destroyed every living thing from his day forth, while the death of the last Adam (fusion) started a chain reaction that began to bring life to every living thing from His day forth. That which the first Adam did the last Adam reversed, and if He doesn't or can't do it, the testimony would be that the first Adam is greater and more powerful than the last Adam, that death reigns supreme over life, that darkness snuffs out light. It would also say that Jesus Christ is an eternal loser, that He failed in His mission. Try as He may, His commission was powerless, and He just couldn't accomplish what He was sent to do. Do any of us think that such defeat is remotely possible? Absolutely not! But if others think so, let me suggest that they read something else; for unfounded failure of the Lord of lords won't be found written by this pen.

Again, "I am become death, the shatterer of worlds," and the world of Imperial Japan was shattered in August of 1945. Little Boy and Fat Man, the names of the two bombs, were the instruments of distress that brought that mighty nation to her knees. The emperor broadcasted the announcement of Japan's surrender on August 15, and the formal ceremony took place on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri September 2, 1945.

It was then that it can be said of this nation -- "We were conquerors." Whether it was right or wrong to use the two atomic bombs, this nation was the conqueror of that nation; but is that all we have been about? Conquering aggressive nations? Fortunately, and by the grace of God, the United States of America has always been a nation that can be labeled as being "more than conquerors."

What do we suppose would make us more than conquerors? To borrow from Gary Gatlin, since we destroyed Hiroshima with the first bomb, we certainly conquered that city, for there was nothing left of it. So to become more than conquerors, what did we have to do, bomb it again? Not at all. That wouldn't make us more than conquerors. Perhaps by bombing Nagasaki made us more than conquerors. Nope! That doesn't work either. By compounding the death and destruction does not merit the title of being "more than conquerors." This is nothing more than the act of continuing to conquer, and the more we conquer does not make us more than conquerors.

However, we not only conquered the cities, and the entire nation, we went in and rebuilt cities and the nation, and often much better than what it was before the war. The lives, of course, could not be given back; but as it has always been with the U.S., every nation we have ever conquered, we went in afterwards and rebuilt them. This is what it is to be more than conquerors.

"As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. 37Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us." Romans 8:36 -37.

To be continued...

Elwin R. Roach


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1. 1) lie: to speak deliberate falsehoods. 2) to deceive one by a lie. Thayer's Greek Definitions

2. Atom: Greek, atomos "uncut," from a - "not" + "a cutting." That is, "cannot be cut." Strong's

3. Adam and atom: both have a positive and negative. The atom's are electrons and protons. The Adam's are male & female, spirit & soul, good & evil, light & darkness, day & night, happiness, & sadness, joy & sorrow, etc. [Having different meanings (ruddy and uncut), it is only coincidental that the two words sound much the same; yet there are parallels between the two worth noticing.]

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