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The Apocalypse

Part 20

Publication #222.10

The Day Of The Lord

(Part 6)


Keys To The Kingdom Of Heaven


Fusion of Jesus Christ



       We learned previously a few elementary things about the fission of Adam and the fusion of Jesus Christ. And on the natural plane of things, nuclear fission breaks things apart, and fusion is the process of binding things together. Nuclear fusion is the process that combines two light nuclei to form a single heavier nucleus. By nature, nuclei repel each other in the same way that the north poles of two magnets repel one another, hate repels love, evil repels good, sin repels righteousness, or the carnal mind repels the Spirit. The repulsion of atoms is just as great; it takes a tremendous amount of heat to weaken their repelling forces. Once this is done they can be fused, and the reaction releases an amount of energy more than a million times greater than from a typical fusion by chemical reaction. More energy is also released than the energy it took to start the fusion.

Fusion is the process that takes place in stars, such as our Sun. Whenever we feel its warmth and see by its light, we are experiencing and witnessing the fruits of fusion. We know that all life on Earth exists because of the light generated by the Sun. It produces food, warms our planet and is the primary source of all natural life. Fusion is how stars convert solid matter into light, and it is equally true with spiritual matter, such as, when the Spirit and the Word are fused together. Light is formed! God's mysteries are revealed! An Apocalypse of Jesus Christ takes place, and people live or die depending on where they stand in the world, whether they are carnal or spiritual.

Fission, of course, came before fusion, and this was initially due to the woman being taken from Adam's side, and a chain reaction took place. After the splitting of Adam, he said, "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2:24. He uttered the first prophetic word of what had to be done. He set the standard and fulfilled his own decree. The adamic reaction had started. Human fission was on the scene, bringing forth the first adamic bomb, and like the first atomic bomb, we could call it Trinity as well; for it brought death to three things, the spirit, soul, and body.

The sin of mankind's human reactor was fired into the nucleolus of Adam's heart, and he left his Father and his Mother, which was God, that is, Elohim (plural), and cleaving to the flesh caused that unprecedented fissure forming a great gulf betwixt. It was an earthquake that destroyed the world like a swelling tsunami sweeping over all the islands of the sea. The adamic reaction was irrespective of person, people, nation, or any living thing. Everything in its path died as it was swept into the restless sea of humanity.

With Adam being the federal head of all that had been created, death was the reaction upon all, not upon himself alone, but upon every living creature and upon all that came afterwards. The man's act was a shipwreck for humanity upon the rocky shoals of sin. Like an egg being cast upon a rock, the consequence of sin broke everything apart. Can such a complete scattering of this Humpty Dumpty's shattered shell ever be put back together again? Indeed, it can be, and with the fusion of Jesus Christ--it will be!

There are a few, actually more than a few, who do not believe this; however, if God had not been able to heal the deadly wound to mankind, He would have never caused the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to grow in the midst of the garden of his heart, and He surely would not have drawn his attention to it if He had no way to fix it. Moreover, if there was no victorious master plan, which was to raise up in Christ Jesus all who die in Adam, our omniscient God of love would not have created the serpent that tempted the woman, and knowing full-well that she would fall head over heals into the fatal trap. And please, don't say that this was so that man could exercise his free will, and that God would dry up all the oceans of the world before He would transgress man's free will, as I have heard preachers say. Such madness makes man's will more sacred than God Himself. If He caused to grow a tree with deadly fruit in the midst of man's garden, we can conclude with certainty that the ultimate plan was for the man to eat from it as Romans 8:19-21 makes clear.

The first Adam left his father and mother and clave to his wife. She took the fruit, I will from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and ate it. In turn, she gave the fruit to her husband who was with her and he partook of the fruit (the cup of death) from her. This was a necessity in order for her to be saved in childbearing. For without him, there could be no children, and without children there would be no lineage from which Jesus, her Savior, to be born.

The last Adam, Jesus, also left the glory of His Father that He had before the world was, and received from His the woman (Jerusalem) the cup of death that she gave to Him when the people offered him up to be their sacrifice. We can see the parallel, both men willingly received death from their wives to save them, and in doing so, both started unprecedented chain reactions.

The death of the first Adam (fission) started an adamic chain reaction that scattered and destroyed every living thing from his day forth, while the death of the last Adam (fusion) started another adamic chain reaction that began to bring life to every living thing from His day forth. That which the first Adam did the last Adam not only reversed, but made it better, as He conquered death and started the gathering of mankind back into Himself (Gen. 49:10).

With fission, as mentioned last time, it was not until July 16, 1945 in the barren desert of southern New Mexico that the first manmade atomic bomb demonstrated just how destructive man's adamic bomb had been. Moreover, the chief scientist, Dr. J. Robert Openheimer even said: "I am become death, the shatterer of worlds." And then two more bombs were detonated the next month over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which brought the nation of Japan to her knees of surrender.

It was then that it could be said of this nation--we were conquerors. However, as mentioned in our previous study, it is one thing to be conquerors, it is yet another to be more than conquerors, of which the United States of America has been in the past. We can say this, because after conquering the three major Axis of powers of World War II (Japan, Germany, and Italy), the United States was the primary factor in rebuilding those ravaged cities and nations, including the two cities in Japan that were totally destroyed by the bombs.

Compounding death and destruction does not merit the title of being "more than conquerors." This is nothing more than the act of continuing to conquer. The more we overcome nations by conquest does not make us more than conquerors. But rebuilding nations and setting the people free certainly does! The fact is, the U.S. generally went in afterwards and rebuilt the conquered nation. This is an example of what it is to be more than conquerors. What's amazing is that even in the dying state to which the United States of American has been subjected while under the rule of the first man's adamic power, she has demonstrated this principle of God upon which it was founded. Since this is undeniably clear, so much more so of His Kingdom. Therefore, although counted as sheep for the slaughter, as Paul said, "We are more than conquerors through him that loved us." Romans 8:37.

Although we were scattered from the reaction of Adam eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge, there is now the tree of Life, and we are being drawn back to Him as one body. We might not know or understand all that's been happening to us; but as living subatomic particles we have been in the process of being brought together by the power of the nuclear fusion of Jesus Christ, and there is infinitely more power in the regathering of fusion than in the scattering of fission. This simple point can be understood by noticing that there is much more power in light and life than in darkness and death. Darkness and death are powerful enough, but the power of fission is no match for the power of light and life fusion. We have seen what the day of man's fission has done; but this is the Day of the Lord, and we will see what His fusion will do as His Apocalypse sweeps over the earth in a new and living way!

When we look at the overall condition of the world, it would appear that there is no hope nor remedy for that state of darkness and death in which it is immersed. But be assured, brethren, there is hope, great hope! And there is a remedy! Moreover, it is at hand! It is going on at this very moment in you and me as our Lord's Nuclear Reactor fires His living rays of fire into the core of our hearts, bringing about the fusion of His elect. He is drawing the scattered seed of His peculiar people, His sons and daughters from the ends of the earth, from the four winds, from the four corners of the earth, even from one end of heaven to the other! And please know, dear sojourners of our Lord Jesus Christ, there are those who are like Ezekiel. They will be raised up to speak to the wind, and the living breath of that wind, the ones with the keys to kingdom who are the power and authority of God, will bring life and judgment into the world. Death itself will be judged by their word and will release its grip upon the dispersed of the Lord: "Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live." Ezekiel 37:9. They lived, of course, came together, fused, and stood upon their feet an exceeding great army.

This power of fusion is incomprehensible; but we see a little of it in a couple of verses in Leviticus: "And five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight: and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword. And I will set my tabernacle among you.... 12And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people." Leviticus 26:8, 11-12.

Most of those in the ranks of Christendom do not know that our Lord Jesus Christ and His body are being fused together, nor do they know the power and purpose that this nuclear reaction poses. Many have been very aware of the intense heat that breaks down the opposing force of the two charges between Him and us, yet perhaps without understanding. For a common focus has been on world affairs and politics rather than the heavens. I know this to be true, for my attention has been diverted quite often to that spectrum of powers and events. I am sure that all of these things play a part in the scope of what God will have this nation to be, which could be a prosperous democracy or a bankrupt socialist dictatorship. Either scenario, as well as others, can happen regardless of which Party is in control. Men are descendants of the first Adam, and that fission is still very active. There are good men and women in all walks of society, economics, politics, and religion; but the solution to this ongoing pollution is not good men and women in any office of the government, ballet boxes, or on the streets of America. Although there is an abundance of good hearts and intentions, man hasn't brought a fix to the table in 6,000 years, and I have my doubts that one will be forthcoming.

The powers upon the earthen footstool are ordained of God; but let us remember, footstools are for the master's use, and the powers that be are either set up or taken down by decrees made from His throne. Regardless of what happens in the realm of man's government, there is nothing that has anything that will aid in establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth. The good men and women of politics can certainly stave off horrendous hardships that the self-serving evil ones would impose upon this nation, and I would personally cast my vote for them. For I like my stuff. I like my comfort. And I like my freedom, that is to the degree of freedom that the government has so graciously granted to us. However, even these good people are still from beneath, they are under the heavens, and the keys of the Kingdom of heaven are above. Being that the powers in the footstool of the earth come from the throne of God, if a nation or nations are to lose their powers, it is from the throne that this takes place. If the Tea Parties are influential in divesting the powers that be, let us know that it will not have been done by human efforts, but due to the elect of God who have the keys and speak from the throne to make it so. For all powers are ordained of Him, and He does nothing unless he reveals it to His prophets (Amos 3:7).

For instance, the Priests, Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees had been granted power and authority over their kingdom in the earth. Even while under the rule of Rome, Israel wielded mighty powers over the people. But when the time came, Jesus spoke from His heavenly throne the word that would destroy the city and the nation forty years later in A.D. 70. It was Titus' army that was the striking blow that brought an end to that nation; but the Word, the Key, came from heaven, and Jesus held it in His hand.


How do I know the keys of this authority will be given to those who are called from the ends of the earth and from one end of heaven to the other? For one, this is not the first time such as this has happened, and secondly, I am a firsthand witness to the fact. I did not ask for it, I did not expect it, for the most part I did not like it; but it happened just the same, and afterwards I stood in awe and great humility.

You see, there was a three month period in 1989 when I was overshadowed by darkness that came in the form of depression. It was a soul crushing season, but it was very instrumental in manifesting something in the world that was beyond my comprehension. I have not often spoken of this, and I am reluctant to say anything today, yet I feel the liberty to address it at this time, and I believe it will help us to understand some things that are needed.

While in the midst of that horrible bane of darkness, I felt that it would last forever. The weight of that void, if a void could have weight, was so immense that it seemed impossible for it to ever be lifted by anyone or anything. In my mind I knew that God could free me from it; but in that horrid state, the core of my soul could not grasp it as being a possibility.

You might wonder what could have brought such a thing upon a man who had never suffered from depression to speak of. There had been no hardships or crucial events of any sort, such as deaths in the family. I did not equate it at the time; but this fire was as intense as the heat of a nuclear reactor, and it would serve to weaken the opposing force to the keys of the Kingdom of heaven. This was making a way for a small nuclear fusion to take place, which was the Word of God from His throne and my spirit.

During that time, the pain was so deep that I felt if I could only reach into my chest and pull out my heart, I would have reprieve, and the depression would cease, or at least be eased. Those three months consisted mostly of a hellish pit. But Praise God! There were times that I was caught up from those lowest depths and placed into the highest heaven I'd ever known. But for the most part, I was helplessly in the depths with her bars round about me that I had come to know so well, and there was nothing in my might that I could do to escape. In meetings where everyone else was being greatly blessed by the worship and the word, I received nothing and could give nothing. Rather than a joy to be in places like that, it was dire torment to me.

Margit didn't know what was going on. She had no idea that I was suffering from such depression. I put on a good show. Everything was fine, so she thought. But after awhile she began to think that I was losing my mind. For instance, there were a few occasions when we would be talking with someone, perhaps in a meeting or downtown somewhere, and after they told us of eventful experiences they might have had that day, it was not unusual for me to ask, "By the way, how has your day been?" Margit would exclaim, "Hon, they just told you!" My only apologetic response was, "Oh, I'm sorry. My mind wandered a little, and I didn't hear a word you said."

Frankly, the depression was so severe that it was very difficult for me to carry on a conversation with anyone. I couldn't focus on what they were saying. Moreover, I had no interest whatsoever in what they had to say; for I was in a life and death arena, the fight of my life. I could think of nothing but how can I escape this absolute awful place, this everlasting hell, if you please. And it did seem that it would last forever, that there could be no end to it. There was no hope to be found. No hope at all. And I can now say that my heart goes out to those who suffer from depression. It is my prayer that the word of release is heard as it is sent from the Throne of grace to each of you who are presently in its evil grip. So be it.

Very often while in that dark, bottomless pit, I would go into my office and close the door. I'd try to pray; but the words were lifeless. They seemed to have no intelligible sound or worth, just words, like heavy weights falling from my mouth to the floor. We've heard people say that they prayed, but the ceiling was as brass and their prayers just bounced back. If I had felt that only a brass ceiling separated me from that high place of heaven, I would have had some hope; but in the midst of that darkness, there were no heavens at all in the vast expanse of my being. Nothing but darkness. The entirety of the universe was nothing but darkness, there was nothing to push through. It was hopeless.

Oh, but praise God! I was able to read the Psalms and the Proverbs, but only those two books. None of the others. It was a mystery to me; but the other books of the Bible were no longer gold to my spirit, but more like lead. I knew there were treasures in all of them, but they were not there for me, and knowing that cast my hopes farther into darkness.

While reading the Psalms and Proverbs, although neither afforded me any life or light at first, it helped to ease the pain. Perhaps a placebo, like taking an aspirin for a migraine, which won't help; but at least you are doing something about it, and that will give you enough hope that it will ease the pain for a little while, maybe. However, even though the general reading of the placebo verses weren't really getting down to the problem, sometimes after two or three days, a tiny spark of light would rise from one of them. And my heart would leap! They were no longer placebos! They were the real thing, and hope revived!

It still reverberates in my spirit as real as it did more than twenty years ago. It was as if I were looking into the endless depth of outer space, but no sun, no moon, no stars, just absolute darkness. And then that scripture became a visible spark of light in the center of that vast black hole of hell that had sucked my life into it.

I riveted myself to that tiny spark against the backdrop of nothing, which would surely be insignificant to those walking in the day! But I was swallowed by the night, the long, dark night of death, and it meant everything to me. That little glint was my hope, it was my life! For I knew I would live again!

I would then read again that verse, and every word would burst into fire, flames of life that warmed and ignited my soul. I saw things in it that had never before been seen or conceived by my spirit, and I lived! Praised God--I lived! I would then go to the verse above it or below it, and they would burst into the flames of understanding. From there, I would go to the first verse of the chapter and read, not just read, but immerse myself into the living fire of God that I saw in every verse and word. I understood things that had never been known, at least not by this man, yet the unveiling, the apocalypse of reality, seemed so simple that a child should understand it. And I suppose if their eyes were opened to those mysteries, the secret things of God would be simple. It's a matter of seeing and hearing the Word of God by His Spirit. It's not of strength, might, power, knowledge, nor the wit of the human genome regardless of how religious or doctrinally correct the child, woman, or man might be.

One thing that I remember so vividly about that realm--I sensed no death at all! From that high and lifted perspective, death and darkness had no place in that pure Light and Life of Jesus our Lord! The peace and joy therein was indescribable, and as it was while in darkness, it seemed as if there would be no end to it, but it was not so. I found that it was much easier to fall than it was to ascend. I could not remain in that sought-after life in the King's paradise, and the agony of its loss was always so crushing. And that which was responsible for those failures was my thoughts and my words.

While lifted beyond the boundaries of man, I had no desire to think or say any negative thing about any person whatsoever; but my victory always came to an end. It was when I would join a conversation about people concerning their personal, religious, political, or legal standings. It only took but a few seconds, and I could feel myself instantly falling into that lifeless void of thick darkness. And I knew the struggle was on. It would be days upon days before I could ascend and live once more, for a short time, before falling back to the pit again, where I spent most of my time.

The tongue is certainly unruly, and by self-discipline we could possibly bridle it to an extent. But our thoughts? Now, that's a different story, and we should know that our thoughts are just as vital as our spoken words. The fact is, thoughts are words. They are words in spirit form that are waiting to be spoken, expressed, manifested in voice, actions, or one's character. If, however, it is left unattended, death sits in just the same. The soul dies like smoldering embers or congestive heart failure--a true killer.

There was one time in that high place that was much different. While in that enraptured glory I found myself over the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union. I was first over Poland and saw two opposing powers in the heavens above that Communist nation. I spoke and commanded the one who had ruled Poland for forty-four years since the end of World War II. That which I spoke, and in the Polish language that I do not know, was an order that streamed from the throne with the King of king's seal embossed in every word. The edict was stripping the authority from the old power and dethroning him. I then turned to the one that would be replacing that disposed power. Not only was I setting him with authority and power over Poland, I was also giving him instructions on what he would be doing as the head of that nation.

From there, I found myself over East Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, and finally Albania of the Eastern Block of the Soviet Union. The same was repeated over them, and it did not seem strange while there to be speaking the language of each country, at least, it sounded to me that was in those languages. I had never experienced anything like it prior to that day or since; but now I know that there was a nuclear fusion in the heavens taking place, and mighty powers were being released, shaking worlds apart, and we began to see it manifested not long afterwards. The Day of The Lord came upon them and their Communist kingdoms were dissolved--first, Poland and Hungary in the spring of 1989 and the others fell in swift succession, with the last being Albania in March of 1992.

You see, this was not something I sought; but with the intensity of the depression increasing, the opposing force of the veil of my carnal mind was weakened and the Fusion of Jesus Christ took place. In turn, this fusion of the Spirit and Word released a tremendous payload of energy, much more energy than it took for the supercollider to fuse the particles together, and the power of that reaction stopped the fission of Communism in those nations. Praise God!

After the allotted three months of being cast down and raised up, I heard very clearly by the Spirit that this eventful season was over. I would neither be experiencing the deplorable lows nor the exalted heights. And so it was. My life leveled out as it had been, and I began to see the fruit of the fused words I had delivered from the throne, that is, the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Communist Poland fell along with the others in succession according to the King's decree. Thus the fusion of Jesus Christ!

To be continued...

Elwin R. Roach


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