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The Tularosa Downwinders from the First Atomic Bomb

The Prostitute's Trick Baby Wouldn't Die
3 minute video you will not forget

A Struggle Between Life and Death
1:37 min. video of Eagle and Chamois (Alpine goat)

Temple of Baal Coming to Times Square

What Baal Worship Involved

 Considering a society that glorifies homosexuality, pornography, base immorality, casual sex as the norm, and who kills/sacrifices 3,000 of our unborn babies by abortion per day, everyday, perhaps it is only fitting for the Temple of Baal to be erected in Times Square.

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American Armed Forces Museum - Alamogordo NM

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Majesty of God in Raindrops
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Everybody Hurts Sometimes

The Eye of The Needle
Charlotte Baker 1981

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