Music by Various Artists



I Saw Angels Picking Up Tear Drops
Written by Bob Torango - Sung by Fred Hunter
(Youtube Video)

Mount Hermon
Written and sung by Fred Hunter
(Youtube Video)

Songs by Our Dear Friend Sandy Fallis
(CD made shortly before her death)
(1946 - 2006)


Royce Kennedy

Collins Harvest Ministry

John & Kathy Collins

Josiah's Trumpet Band
James (Jim) Rapalje

The Fire of God Surrounds Me

God On The Mountain
The McKameys

I Heard the Bluebirds Sing

Who Am I
Allen Wyrick

I'm Drinking From My Saucer

Amazing Grace
In Cherokee

Andre Rieu - Amazing Grace

By The Rivers of Babylon
Bonny M

Toni Willé

I Can See Clearly Now

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

German & Italian Folk Song

When They Found The Atomic Power
Hawkshaw Hawkins (1947)
"In Alamogordo, New Mexico just a few years ago
While the nations of this world were at war..."


Iona - Kells

Jackie Evancho
10 year old Opera Singer

Austrian/German Folk Song

Pie In The Sky
Song by Cisco Houston (1918-1961)




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