Elwin & Margit Roach

Germany 1963

Alamogordo, NM 2017


Margit and I were saved when we were in our late 20's. That was in the summer of 1971.

We first attended a Southern Baptist church for less than a year, which was well for us for that nine month season. From the onset we were looking for all that was possible from the Lord, and it was not long before we received the baptism of the Holy Spirit due to attending a Sonship/Kingdom, home fellowship. We thought nothing could be added to such a wonderful experience; but to our pleasant surprise, there was more, much more! It was not long before the revelation of Sonship came, and then we began to see God's ultimate plan and infinite grace to humanity.

For three or so years we attended that fellowship where a dear brother by the name of Herbert L. Rogers taught us much. (He died in 1986 at age of 93). He introduced us to George Hawtin and Ray and Doris Prinzing's studies which added much to our understanding. During those early days, we met and became close friends to J. Preston and Lorain Eby who have been very rich blessings in our lives. We are not with them as often as we would like, but do visit and fellowship periodically.

There are more whose hearts are one with ours, but there are too many to mention by name. Nevertheless, we stand together in this great hour of the closing of an old age and the beginning of the new, as God prepares the unveiling of His Sons in glory.

Margit was born and raised in Germany, where we met and married while stationed at Monteith Barracks just outside of
Nuernberg/Fürth during my three-year commitment to the army. We have three grown children (two sons and a daughter) who gave us ten grandchildren and have lost one: Christopher Michael Restaino, who died March 19, 2005 when he was 19 years old.

I was born in Alamogordo, New Mexico and raised on a farm. But after my discharge from the army I became a barber/hairstylist, which lasted until 1987 when we went into the ministry full-time.

Our primary service to the Lord consists of writing The Pathfinder Bible studies (since 1982). These publications are sent out on a free will offering basis. We would be remiss to market the priceless Word of God. To do so would serve only to cheapen it. Although the offerings that come our way are greatly appreciated, it is not necessary to give in order to receive our studies and remain on our mailing list. Whether one gives or not is left in the hands of the Lord and in the hearts of our readers. This way we do not merchandise the word or become Kingdom beggars. The work we do here is the Lord's business, and what our readers give is also the Lord's business. Therefore, giving is between our subscribers and their Business-Head, and not us. This relieves us from much stress.

Margit and I do not pastor a church. The congregation we are in fellowship with is scattered around the world, and our contact with them is generally through The Pathfinder and their letters of response. We also travel to be in ministry with various churches, fellowships, home groups, and individuals as the Lord directs. We are closely associated with a local fellowship in the home of Bert & Hilda Hernandez in El Paso, Texas. They are true jewels in the Kingdom of God. We also meet periodically here in Alamogordo in the home of our dear friends of many years and co-laborers in Christ, John and Ella Arvizu-Clark.

We trust that The Pathfinder serves to be a portion of that which will encourage, enrich, and enliven all who venture through the unfolding corridors of God's priceless mysteries. That which we write speaks of God's finished works from the foundation of the world, His unfailing love (signed in blood), and the power of Jesus' resurrection. We pray that our articles shed light upon that which has been known as the Last Day, Tabernacles, the Kingdom of God, the Manifestation of the Sons of God, the Salvation of All, and more. This material is for all, especially for those whose vision goes beyond the broad teachings of stale religion, religion which can lead to spiritual stagnation and death. Therefore, read, be challenged, and above all, be blessed as the SON shines warmly upon your hearts while in the library of  The Pathfinder!

Be blessed today and always in the joy of life,

Elwin & Margit Roach

Elwin's call to God's service

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