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The Apocalypse


Part 23

Publication #225.10


The Voice of Thunder in Heaven

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"The clouds poured out water: the skies sent out a sound: thine arrows also went abroad. The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook." Psalm 77:17-18.

Thunder is one of the most awe-inspiring phenomena known to man. It can roll fiercely through the heavens with the deep roar of a lion and then wane into the lowing clouds as if searching hungrily for its allusive prey. There is a thunder that comes from fiery channels of lightning streaking across the underside of the sky's drifting behemoth of rolling vapors, seemingly slicing it open and making a way for the earthbound rain and hail.

Thunder can come as an instant clap of an ear-piercing burst that jars the heavens and shakes the earth, so much so that living creatures scurry for cover. "At Thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of Thy thunder they hasted away" Psalm 104:7. Who can silence the sound of thunder, especially when it is the majestic voice of God? The proud believe they can, and many would love to do so, but it is impossible. It would be just as easy to chain the wind or hold back the tide as it would be to silence Him.

There are vast resources and treasures in God's heavens, and one of them is His voice that thunders from the throne, and notably so. For among all that which it brings is judgment, change, and restoration.

Although judgment is not pleasant to anyone who is contrary to God, it unveils things and brings to pass excellent manifestations. For instance, "In the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when He shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished." Revelation 10:7. It is during the days this mighty angel sounds that the seven thunders utter their voices from within their secret chambers. When the thunder echoes through the heavens and sweeps over the earth, God's mystery will be manifested. Such a wonder is presently hidden from the world as well as the church at large; but it is becoming very apparent to those dwelling in the heavens. "That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the (1)full assurance of (2)understanding, to the (3)acknowledgment of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; In Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" Colossians 2:2-3. Therefore, since we are in Him, wherein the mystery of God resides, we should know something of its treasures. It is after we have known silence, and have been arrayed upon by this pristine laurel, that the voice of the seven thunders can be uttered. Silence is a precursor to His voice of thundering.

"The significance of such a momentous event as silence in heaven is staggering to the imagination. But the implication it holds, not only for God's elect in this present hour, but for the entire creation is beyond human comprehension.

"There have been many explanations of the 'silence in heaven' and most commentators simply pass swiftly over it with the admission that they don't understand what it signifies. Some interpret it in the light of various scriptures that speak of 'let the earth keep silence before Him.' But it is not the earth that is silent here! The silence is in heaven! We must keep in mind that the book of Revelation is a spiritual drama and the breaking of the seven seals denotes revelation -- the unveiling of the Christ life within us. The Father has also designed that in the opening of the seven-sealed book, there would be a careful process connected to exposing the contents. Christ Jesus possesses every power that the Father has, for the deity of Jesus is the almighty Father! However, the full glory and authority of the Christ has been hidden beneath the veil of our flesh, for we are the body of Christ and the temple of God. The restoration of all men and all things to God requires the full disclosure of Jesus Christ in and through His body on earth. There are seven seals upon this book. The number seven indicates that contained within this book is the totality of God's character, the fullness of His power, and the complete revelation of His mind, will, and purpose. So, the opening of each seal is connected to a brighter and clearer revelation of all that Christ is, which is all that God is! Awesome beyond human words to articulate is the divine wonder of the work of God in the lives of His called and chosen elect as He removes all that hinders and obstructs, releasing the glory of the living Christ, the fullness of God, within! We are living in momentous times! The Lamb is opening the seals of that book which we are, to bring forth the revelation of Jesus Christ within us! Can you not see the mystery?" -- J. Preston Eby.

Once the sound of His voice streaks through His cloud, the mystery of God will be manifested. It will not remain in the ethereal vapors of heaven forever. And we note that the finished product, the manifestation of the mystery of God, is after the Mighty Angel who is clothed with the cloud of His elect speaks, and the seven thunders and the seventh angel begin to utter their voices. Revelation 10:1-7.

Seven is very significant. It is the most frequently used number in the Bible (562 times including it variations). The Hebrew word for seven is (4)sheba'. From it is shaba', meaning, "to be complete... to seven oneself, i.e. swear (as if by repeating a declaration seven times)" (Strong's Exhaustive Concordance). Seven speaks of fullness, completion, perfection. Nothing can be added to or taken from it without it becoming marred. Being a prime number makes it divisible only by itself. The word shabath is derived from shaba', and means, to cease, desist, REST, and from this word comes Shabbath, a day of rest. Therefore, seven/sheba'/shabbath speaks of a completed work wherein rest is found.

It is Seven that stamps spiritual perfection and completion to the things it is connected. With time it tells of the sabbath, and marks off the week of seven days. Seven completes the colors of the spectrum and the rainbow. Seven also satisfies in music the notes of the scale, with the eighth merely being a repeat of the first.

It is said that the every cell of the human body is replaced every seven years, yet each replacement is inferior to the one it replaces. This inferiority, of course, is due to Adam's genetic code of death in all creation. Regardless of how many vitamins we take, the aging process marches ever onward; for down to the smallest atom, they are all embraced by the same genetic code.

With replacement of the cells of our body being inferior each time, after twelve replacements at seven year intervals (84 years), they have become so compromised that they can no longer replicate. Some, of course, succumb earlier while others live longer; but it appears that man's genetic makeup is programed for twelve cell changes if there are no other factors involved.

Notwithstanding, we find shaba' in Genesis 21:31, "Wherefore he called that place Beersheba; because there they sware (shaba) both of them." This oath of Abraham to Abimelech was based upon the seven ewe lambs which were set aside (vrs. 28-30). This points to the idea of satisfaction and fullness in the oath. It was the security, satisfaction, and fullness of the obligation, or completeness of the bond, which caused the same word to be used for both the number seven and an oath; and so it is written, " oath for confirmation is an end of all strife." Hebrews 6:16.

Seven, as pertaining to fullness, can also be seen in the scriptures in conjunction with sin: An unclean spirit, upon finding a soul empty, swept and garnished, brought back seven spirits worse than himself, and they entered him (Matthew 12:45). Mary Magdalene had seven spirits cast out of her (Luke 8:2). Knowing the significance of this number, and that it was commonly used in the ancient Greek and Hebrew to express fullness, we can see that it was not speaking of exactly seven spirits in either of these two cases. With the one who might go back to his former life, Jesus was merely using an analogy to show the fullness of sin that would come upon Israel. The seven spirits cast out of the harlot, indicated the ultimate depth to which she had fallen. In the midst of that unfathomable depth she was forgiven, delivered, and lifted into life by Jesus. Using her as a type of the Church, it would be speaking of her destiny in the fullness of sin, but eventually delivered. Whether referring to good or evil, holy or unholy, pure or profane, the number seven in scripture carries the thought of fullness, completion, totality, satisfaction, etc.

We see seven churches listed in the book of Revelation, and how it speaks of the birth, growth, death, of the one church and her resurrection as a whole. It deals with her shortcomings and lack as well as her complete victory and fullness in Christ. After the seven judgments of seals, trumpets, angels, etc., and the seven Spirits which minister life, new Jerusalem comes in full manifested glory from the heavenlies.

The impact of seven when applied to God's creation is profound. It ultimately brings completion/fullness/perfection to everything that sees, hears, or is awakened by it.

You Are Complete In Him

We see the same complete work spoken of in Paul's letter to the Colossians. He said, "For in Him dwelleth all the (5)fullness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are (6)complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power." Colossians 2:9-10.

Is it possible, do you suppose, for the human mind to comprehend what those two short verses are saying? I don't think so; nevertheless, as we hear their trumpets sounding, we hear and see the mysteries of God and then speak and do them.

If that which is full and complete in the heavens is not acted upon in the proper season, it will certainly never become full and complete in the earth. We must speak from the finished work and shake the heavens, break the earth, and awake everything in them. This is what will bring about the Revelation, that is, the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ!

Again, we note: "For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily." (vrs. 9). In Him is fullness of divinity. This is unfathomable to the carnal mind. It is too far reaching for men to grasp; but in the living lightning bolts of revelation, and by the catching away into those secret chambers of our Lord, it opens with clarity.

In Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. In the person of Jesus Christ, in His body as a single member, as well as the corporate body, dwells the fullness of Deity. He and we are the personification of God. It pleased God to stuff everything that He created into His Son (Colossians 1:19). Nothing was left out. In Him were all things made complete. We see this as an unmistakable fact in Colossians 1:16. The apostle Paul wrote, "For by (Greek: en, in) Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by (dia, through) Him, and for (eis, into) Him."

What a difference it makes when translating a couple of seemingly insignificant prepositions correctly. Rather than all things being created BY Jesus--they were created IN Him. The Amplified Bible renders it very near the same way: "For it was in Him that all things were created, in heaven and on earth, things seen and things unseen, whether thrones, dominions, rulers or authorities; all things were created and exist through Him by His service, (intervention) and in and for Him."

The New Revised Standard Version of the Bible translates the prepositions correctly, except for the last one, where the word for (eis) should be into. Notwithstanding, it is very well done: "For in him all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or powers--all things have been created through him and for him." The Emphatic Diaglott has it as in Him, through Him, and into Him.

There is another passage where this small, yet important, preposition is found. We will look at the King James Version first: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made." John 1:1-3. The Amplified Bible says: "In the beginning [before all time] was the Word [Christ], and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. [Isa. 9:6.] He was present originally with God. All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being." And likewise with the Diaglott, the New Revised Standard Version, and the New International Version. I have not looked at the many other translations in our library; but suffice it to say -- the heavens and the earth, and everything in them were created and made IN and THROUGH Jesus Christ. Paul summed it up when he wrote: In Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And we are complete in Him (Colossians 2:9-10).

All of God's works, everything He made was made in Christ before it was ever seen in the earth, and this is where we dwell. Before a blade of grass grew, it already was, and likewise were you and me. We were here before we got here. Paul said: "...We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto (Grk. en, in) good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them." Ephesians 2:10. We don't want to be good works in the unseen realm alone, but in the seen as well. We want to experientially walk in them through the earth.

Our arrival in the earth was not the beginning of our existence. You see, we, who are His workmanship, were created in Christ Jesus. And when were we created in Him? At the founding of the world. It couldn't have been afterwards; for God rested from His works of this present creation. Moreover, being created in Christ Jesus was part of that which was very good works, works which were finished a long time ago.

We see from time to time the bumper sticker that says something to the effect, "God is not finished with me." From what the world sees they are right; but that which they truly are is invisible for the most part and is eternal. There is a lot of inworking, changing, and outworking yet to be done; but if by the Spirit they could grasp the simple truth of in Whom they were created, their lives would be more apt to manifest it. Rather than contending with a dead man, the old man called Adam, they would begin to live in the New Man of whom their life and existence abide. Dogmas, however, die hard.

It is much easier to separate one's state of being, in the mind, when it is believed we were created by Jesus Christ rather than in Him. If people are created by Him, we could be light years away from our creator; but if we are created in Him there is no separation whatsoever. We are part of His very substance. We might be alienated from Him in our minds as we read in Colossians 1:21; but when that alienation goes, we become one with Him in all points, and He is one with the Father, making us all One. Jesus was created in the Father, we were created in Jesus, and if it is not yet known, it will become apparent when the Seven Thunders begin to sound.

Jesus is the very focal point and embodiment for all creation. It pleased the Father for every soul to dwell in Him throughout eternity. We will see this explosion of reality sweeping the heavens and the earth when the Seven Thunders utter their voices. The sound of their voices will shake, shape, and remake the world. The roar of the thunders will prepare everyone for God's Kingdom.

It is in God's foreordained purpose for all men to see and fellowship the mystery which has been hidden since the foundation of the world (Ephesians 3:9-10). It has been the plan of the ages which God formed in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whom we have freedom of speech [and very soon the expression] (Ephesians 3:11-12). And since this seems to be the next thing on God's agenda, we can count on the reality of it. That reality, however, will not come until there is an open declaration in the earth from the throne of God; but lest we get ahead of ourselves, we must keep in mind--silence comes before the thunder.

Silence In Heaven

"And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour" Revelation 8:1. The opening of the seventh seal makes a way for the seven Spirits of God, the seven messages of God, a full and complete word appearing in the heavens and ready to descend into the earth. All who see this, first those round about His throne, and those throughout all the heavens, shut their mouths at the presence of the Lord's majestic glory. Crowns are cast at His feet; for all know that He alone is worthy to wear them. Mighty is He in all His splendor. His beauty to behold is beyond compare. Yet there is more! His body is clothed upon by the cloud of the Sons of God. They are a part of the Apocalypse in that high place of the throne. Who could speak at a time of such holy awe and wonder? No one! Every soul is speechless and held in reverent repose. There is no clamoring in this high place of unveiling, no vying for position, no competition or jealousy, no desire to be seen or heard. It is silence in heaven! When the last seal is broken, all the holy angels of God, the Living Creatures, and all the saints of fire hold their peace. Not a word spoken for an undetermined space of time of about half an hour as the inhabitants of heaven behold in wonderment the unveiling of God's work in His many-membered body of Christ! The sons of God are seen for the first time in all the glory of their Lord, and it is far more grand that any living thing had ever imagined, so silence shrouds the expanse of heaven's living creatures.

The thunder of revelation will come with resounding overtures, this is sure; but silence comes first. It is the bed wherein it is conceived.

In the presence of Deity comes the silence of our souls--our minds, our wills, our wants, our emotions. Every particle in the heaven between our ears ceases its stirring. That is the heaven wherein there will not be a word uttered or even a thought to rise when the seventh seal, the floodgate of perfection, is opened.

However, there are heavens where there is no silence, and a lot of them have passed away. This was when we rose above and conquered them. By our very presence they were shaken and consumed by fire, even as it was with our own when the Lord of Glory came into and reigned over them. Terrible things have raged in the heavens. In one of them is fierce conflict: "...there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels" Revelation 12:7.

Heaven is not always an abode of pleasant tranquility. War is often a common factor. But before war is waged, we must be so united with our Lord that we are far above all heavens (Ephesians 4:10). It is from there that He fills all things, subdues the enemy of the Kingdom, and then it can be said it is finished, and there will be no more war.

At times we minister from the outer-courts, not intentionally, of course, but it happens, and then there are times when we minister from the throne of God in the Holy of holies. When in the outer-courts we enjoy the praises, verbal accolades, and amens. It encourages us on. Just knowing we are touching the people helps to motivate us; but the sad point is, that which we are touching is often their natural man, that which can be stirred by "good preaching." And in turn, their amens touch our souls. By nature we are creatures who like to scratch each other's backs; but it does nothing to promote the Kingdom of God or to add one measure of strength to our spiritual stature.

But what a difference when we minister from that high and Holy Place of God called the most Holy place. We neither need nor are we appeased by the sounds coming from the heavens of soulish fervor. We cannot become one with the amens and praises from the heavens of the outer-courts, especially from loud and disruptive religious spirits. Such grieves the Spirit of God.

When one enters the holy place and ministers, he will refrain from inciting the people to worldly laughter. Although joy is one of the basic elements of the Kingdom of God, it is joy in the Holy Spirit, not joy in the spirit of drunkenness. Laughter will heal hurting souls; but the carnal wit of Adam has no place in the Holy sanctuary of God. The people may be lifted into the roar of laughter by it; however, the wine of intoxication will keep men from ministering unto the Lord. Ezekiel said that "Neither shall any priest drink wine when they enter into the inner court" Ezekiel 44:21. The inner court, whether the holy place or the most holy place, is not a place for drunkenness. It is sober. It is serious. It is a place that demands silence from all flesh and the soulish heavens round about.

Although unknown by many, we are experiencing somewhat of a silence today. It is not due to seeing the manifestation of the sons of God, but there is a silence, and it is a strange and difficult time for some. The quiet is unsettling, and rather than letting patience have her perfect work, they are restless and try to get things going. With others, it has been easier. Although anxious for the unveiling, they patiently abide their time in solitude, awaiting when heaven's holy host is taken aback by the vista of flaming glory of the Sons of God. With bated breath, the cloud of His saints stay in their place until it is time for them to thunder and break the deafening silence.

Then comes the awaited hour. The moment arrives when the seven thunders utter their voices, voices John heard resounding throughout God's high and holy realm, but was forbidden to write. Rather than making a record for others, He was told to hold his pen and seal up those heralds of truth. (Revelation 10:4). We can, therefore, only speculate what the apostle heard from this day and what will be its thundering manifestation.

I am certain this was akin to what Paul wrote about concerning the one who heard things that were inexpressible in human terms, things which would surely become vulgarized if attempted. It was so foreign to the earthy that the natural tongue could say nothing to adequately express it. (2 Corinthians 12:1-5). Some believe this happened to Paul when he had been stoned, that He died but was sent back to finish his course.

In the presence of our Lord, when He is seen in His temple, what can be said? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Unless, however, it is the hour for us to thunder the word of His earthshaking sound. Until then, we rest in utter silence. If we do not see Him high and lifted up, and He is not seen or heard--hush! Be still! For if we shout, holler, clamor, and run the aisles in heated fervor with hopes of raising His presence, all that will likely be raised is the dust. Therefore, rest, be at peace, be still.

"...Let all the earth be silent before him" Habakkuk 2:20 (NASB). There are no positions or places for untransformed particles of earth in His presence. Oh, but praise God! When religious activities are quelled, when Babylon is fallen, and all of man's schemes are history--the earth can, and will, stand in awesome wonder before Him. It is then that "The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet..." And afterwards "...they break forth into singing" Isaiah 14:7.

There will be silence in the earth, after the silence in heaven. It will be a silence initiated by that which is manifested in the earth, not in the heavens. However, it is in the heavens before in the earth, and regardless from which realm it comes, it is due to profound wonderment of something that has never been. In the natural it is similar to a story of Symphony Orchestra we read about a few years ago:

The people take their seats, awaiting the grand performance. There is a dull roar of the people rising from the audience as they converse with one another, sounding similar to ocean waves ebbing and flowing upon the beach. After awhile the musicians begin to come out from the sides of the stage. Each go to his or her instrument and started tuning it. The ones with their bass and classical violins saw back and forth, making terrible sounds. There is no harmony or tunes at all. The horns can be just as bad. There is nothing coming from those expensive instruments but a sound of discordant, confused noise. After they are finished with their disturbance, they all exit through the wings from where they first appeared.

After awhile, the lights are turned off while the lights on the platform are turned on, and the musicians walk out. Each one has his or her assigned place by their instrument. Now there is a stilled hush in the auditorium, a spotlight is focused on the wings, and the conductor steps out. A thunderous applause erupts. He bows and approaches the podium and takes a baton in hand. He lifts it and holds it in steady poise while glancing intently over those of the orchestra. There is a second of silence between lightning and thunder. And there is a second of silence between the raising of the baton and the explosion of the music. But when it falls the heavens open and everyone is delightfully drenched in the downpour of Beethoven's Third Symphony, one of the most moving pieces ever written.

Rapturous music fills the house. Some may never hear the likes during their lifetime. What exquisite sounds and perfect harmony permeate the auditorium, reaching deeply into every soul. What a wonder-filled symphony!

Can we not see that God is preparing His sons for such an event, but infinitely greater? He is working in them and through them, building the greatest symphony the world has ever heard or seen. This symphony will be of such godly proportions that every mouth will be shut for about a half an hour. The music of divine wisdom, omnipotent power, and unconditional love will resound from each instrument, each son of God, in perfect harmonious beauty and unparalleled glory. The corporate body of Christ, the sons God, will be this symphony! They all will be fine-tuned and worthy of their Master's hand. The chords of God's love, His very nature will be blown through them. His wisdom and power will be struck in them. His unbounded love will be played in them to be heard by those of every realm.

We do not see this great symphony being conducted and played today; for we are being fine- tuned. That which is being seen and heard is the tooting of our horns, while others are sawing on their stringed instruments. At the present, we are untuned and out of harmony; for it is not time to play as one sound. We are more like a medley of discord than a symphony. Even so, God's laws are being written in our hearts, as we come to know His ways. In Him, we are casting down every imagination that might exalt itself against Him. We are bringing every thought into captivity and to the obedience of Christ. His immutable will is becoming our will. He is making us ready to be His symphony of the ages. The sound of this beautiful music will set creation free from the bondage of corruption, of grief, of sorrow, of toil, of heartache, of suffering, of tears, and of death. They will all rejoice and live when this symphony is heard. But first, we must be touched by the refining fires. Trusting in our own strength, our confidence in the flesh, the mind-set of Babylon, and the spirit of the world must be purged from us. And what terrible sounds come from our lives while this fine-tuning is in process!

Until now the sons of God have been seen more as a ragamuffin band beating on tin cans. Who would want to take time to hear them, and who could imagine anything of value ever coming from them? But they do not know that each of them is an individual instrument that is being designed to be a conduit of Light, Life and Love to be played in this celestial symphony of power and love! And it goes without saying that Jesus Christ is the Master Conductor, and by the Spirit of His baton, He will play upon the strings of our emotions, our thoughts, and our desires. We will be the Song of the Lord to the whole earth. ("The Song of The Lord" by Margit free upon request or ).

When we are all in union with God, when the time comes for the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ with the sons of God, at the conclusion of the silence of half of an hour, our Lord will lift His baton, His scepter, and as it comes sharply down, the rhapsody of music will begin. It is then that those of the heavens and those of the earth will hear and see the fullness of Christ in His many membered body. These instruments will sound the voice of the Son of God, and all who hear His voice shall live! (John 5:25).

Every knee on the face of the earth, as well as those in the heavens and those beneath, will bow in humble adoration. Every tongue shall willingly and with joy confess Him as their Lord to the glory of God their Father (Philippians 2:10-11). They will all be awakened by the symphony of God in His sons. There will never be a time after this great awakening that they could settle for the jangling notes of the world's carnal delights or of the beat that is heard from the religious systems of the world. Once they hear the pure Song of The Lord that flows a stream of life from the heart of God in His sons, they will never be the same. They will all hunger and thirst to be filled with this life of the ages. They know and warmly embrace the harmony of the righteousness, peace, and joy of the Kingdom of God.

Bob & Charlotte Torango wrote a song a few years ago that speaks of this:

You are the words and the music
You are the song that I sing
You are the melody
You are the harmony
Praises to you I will bring
You are the Mighty God
You are the King of kings
You are the Lord of lords
Now I return to you
The Song you gave to me
You are the song that I sing

What a profound difference between the Song of The Lord, the celestial symphony of sons, and the tooting of horns, squeaking, squawking and plucking of stringed instruments, and sawing this way and that way. It is such a terrible sound of music; but this is alright if we are part of the orchestra; for it is the time of fine-tuning. We might not sound like much at the moment, but just wait a little while. After the silence of the Conductor's raised baton, what a true sound of music will be heard reverberating from the Holy Clouds of Heaven!

Much of what we witness is doubtless part of the symphony that is tuning up. And some, sad to say, is the sound of people who feel they have to work up a religious fervor before the Spirit will come in, not realizing He is already in their presence. He is as much there as lightning is in the cloud before it strikes. When we attend meetings, which are not many these days, we cannot help from enduring that which has been the same for years on end. There is a lot of routine singing, clapping, loud voices, teaching, preaching, prophesying, or whatever else people do to "get in the spirit." And I say enduring, because a lot of it seems to be exactly that. It could be that they are members of the symphony, and this is part of the tuning process; but it seems that a tremendous amount is merely the sound of men being busy trying to do God's works without being told what to do.

It was so encouraging to hear what our dear friend, Sister Alyce McPherson, said a few years ago concerning this sort of thing. She was relating about being in a "Kingdom" meeting and so much religious nonsense was going on. She asked the Lord, "How much longer must we endure this?" An immediate answer came, saying, "As long as you remain you will have to endure it; for as long as you remain -- you give it life. When you leave, it will die."

I fear that we have for much too long been feeding and energizing untransformed earthiness in the gatherings around the world. We don't want to be rude and walk out every time we don't feel the Spirit moving, or the meeting is not going the way we think it should; but neither should we simply endure the works of flesh and religious children. They may be alright in certain places, at certain times, and with certain people, depending on their level of maturity and the order of the day; but let us be serious in the holy courts. Folly should not be seen where the elders cast their crowns before Christ in humble reverence.

I do not say we have to put on some sort of Pharisaical façade with somber faces, and mope around with no joy in our lives; but we should not replace ineptness with humor. If we don't have a life-giving word from the throne, then let us sit down and be quiet! If the specials are merely talent shows, don't do it anymore. It could be that silence is the only thing necessary at times. Or perhaps, the word is to be ministered first, and then the spirit of worship and praise would sweep over the people in anointed song and thanksgiving. We can, no doubt, find a few scriptures which will support our formulas for conducting meetings; but, brethren, I am here to tell you today that although there must be order, WE should not be the symphonic conductors of these meetings. If we are, they fit very awkwardly in the Kingdom of God and will not be received.

There are those rare occasions when the King of Glory comes among us in His Imperial presence, with baton in hand, and not a breath can be heard. Then there are those times when we should come together in humble reverence, quiet our heavens, silence our earth, and wait for the King. If He remains obscure or silent, then perhaps we should be a little more obscure and silently go home. And again, it could be that after the space of half an hour, the voice of thunder will be birthed, and we will be heard resounding from the clouds of heaven and raining/reigning God's glory, judgment, and restoration upon the earth. What a wonder is the voice of His thunder in the heavens and the beauty of silence when she thunders her sound!

To be continued...

Elwin R. Roach


1. full assurance: plerophoria, entire confidence. From plerophoreo, to carry out fully (in evidence), i.e. completely assure (or convince), entirely accomplish. (Strong's)

2. understanding: sunesis, a mental putting together, i.e. intelligence. (Strong's)

3. acknowledgment: epignosis, full discernment (Strong's)

4. sheba': a prime cardinal number; seven (as the sacred full one); also (adv.) seven extension an indefinite number (Strong's #7651)

5. fullness: "pleroma, (from pleroo,) repletion or completion, i.e. what fills (as contents, supplement, copiousness, multitude), or what is filled." (Strong's)

6. complete: "pleroo, to make replete, i.e. to cram, level up, to furnish, satisfy, execute, finish, verify (or coincide with a prediction)." (Strong's)

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