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The Watchers

Part 3 of 3

When Lions Roar


"Will a lion roar in the forest, when he hath no prey? will a young lion cry out of his den, if he has taken nothing? Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?" Amos 3:4, 7-8.

The African lion roars when he has caught his prey; for he has taken down that which will appease his hunger. He knows he will eat well, he and his pride/oligarchy; for his means and ways have been met with victory. Every creature round about his kill takes cautious heed.

It is much the same with the lions of nations. When the heads of State have caught their prey (the people) they also roar with political rhetoric while praising themselves for the seemingly good they have done.

The king of beast’s dominion on man’s level, is quite different than the dominion of the Sons of God in His Kingdom. For one, there is no mercy when the ravenous lion rules in judgment over its subjects. They are but flesh on his dinner table: They are burdened by the ever increasing load of taxes, as daily oppressions become the norm. Laws and more laws are imposed, judicial injustices are not uncommon, wars and rumors of wars are ever present. They become demoralized by the day as godliness and virtuous living are undermined, laughed at, and even made unlawful. The beating drums of dumbing down of America’s senses are weighing heavy upon her.

Political liars will either justify or deny having to do with any of this while making more infringing laws, ridiculous policies, executive orders, to name a few, as the unholy bilge swells to bursting capacity and gullible souls fail to see the obvious. There may be an appearance of concern toward the people, and a few things put into place that will help them; but these are pseudo mercies, and our nation’s lions promise to fill every empty pot with a chicken, and supply every family with a home filled with all the niceties of life, or give everyone a job who wants one while bankrolling everyone who chooses not to work. This is all done, of course, by taxing "only the rich" to *spoil the poor. Such "mercy" is not mercy at all. It is merciless! And it is a sure way of destroying a nation and its people; for it in fact takes from them everything that makes them great. Most honorable people will refuse free money, food, and other goods; but when it becomes common place among the populace, and it is by law taken from others, it is very seldom real help, especially when those who work are robbed to give to those who won’t work. This is in no way directed to those who cannot work, or cannot find work, but those who choose not to work as long as others pull their wagon down life’s free ride. Seems like there are more in the wagon than those pulling it, which is becoming very burdensome on the pullers. *spoil: to treat one with indulgence; to destroy or strip of one’s possession, such as to spoil a nation; become unfit for consumption or use; to rot or become putrefied.

Mercy should be that which truly helps, temporarily, when there is a genuine need. To do otherwise is to cut away at a nation’s greatness. The mercies we see have the earmarks of government handouts that usually do more harm than good. By no means can this be mercy. It is a ploy to harness those to whom they claim are receiving their free gifts. It is all a sham, a pretext, an artful guise to gain total control over those to whom the pseudo mercy is to go. The people certainly receive from the hand of the government, who have taken it from the many hands of the people; but it is lacking the true spirit of mercy.

Mercy of the Kingdom of God, however, is that which truly helps people. You see, it is not administered by the lion that rules supreme over the servants of his kingdom. It is the Lion of Judah. One reason this is possible is that He lays down with the Lamb—the ravaging power over flesh and the sacrificial gentleness toward the lost are in union and perfect harmony. But when a lion rules without the balancing factor of the lamb—whether Cyrus, Darius, Nero, or whether Clinton, the former Bushes, Obama, or all the others before them—there is very little mercy delivered from such bestial thrones. They cannot do otherwise; for they are all but flesh themselves. Surely, whether knowing or not, they all have been responsible for fomenting the demise of America.

This dark cloud, however, is not all bad, at least not as seen in God’s plan of things. All these hard circumstances imposed upon the people make a way for the Treasures of Darkness to come forth! Such rule is certainly caustic; but this should be no horrible matter to you and me. Remember? It is one of those things decreed by the Watchers, and although it was by their holy demand, it is void of holy mercy. For instance, Jesus prophesied/decreed that He would come (in the form of Titus and his army) and destroy Jerusalem and the Temple, and there was no mercy there either. So let us not think that God’s decrees always establish beds filled with sweet smelling lilac blossoms.

So many today have been swept away by a tide of smooth rhetoric that the powers that be will shower them with bowels of mercy. But please know, with egocentric men in play, it is impossible for them to minister mercy upon anyone but themselves. Our souls weep, of course, at the thought of such a merciless regime raining upon this great nation; yet the stage has been set by a higher power, and we should and we will say—amen! It is a decreed scenario that must run its course, and it will. It will continue on until there is a godly sorrow that works repentance unto salvation sweeping over the land. Until then, there will be no deliverance from this judgment! The word of the Lord has gone forth from the mouth of Watchers, it will not return void, but it will accomplish that which has been decreed, and prosper whereto it has been sent (ref. Isaiah 55:11). This rebellious child of a nation will not snatch the rod of judgment from His hand, neither by hook nor crook, judicial laws, congressional bills, nor executive orders. The Washington/Money Power Plutocracy, the oligarchy, as well as Mr. Obama, must remain in power, for the word of demand to be accomplished. Whether it is at the hands of these or others, the judgment will be very much the same with every move they make being a portion of their own judgment, for: Be sure to know, your sin will find you out, Numbers 32:23. And, Your own wickedness will correct you, Jeremiah 2:19. Truly, God has the final word in the matter, not the actors on the set.

Many are between two worlds—that of the Kingdom of God and that of man’s. On one hand they desire to enter God’s glorious Kingdom, the one that can only build up and satisfy the spiritual man, while on the other hand, it is man’s kingdom which pertains to and ministers to the natural man. Both kingdoms are vying for dominion, and the greater, of course, will win, and we don’t have to be told which is the greater; for it is clear that it is the everlasting one, the one by which the King of kings is in command. This Kingdom is the one wherein abides Life, the Life of the ages! Although God rules in the kingdoms of men, there has been nothing to match His Kingdom. It is the one that affords the life of the ages! It radiates with God’s life par excellence! It will come to pass and be manifested in its full glory regardless of the opposition; for the Kingdom and dominion was given to Him, the Lord of lords, the one who has it within Himself to make it happen.

"For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: ALL things were created by Him, and for Him." Colossians 1:16.

This verse is so clear that a child would not err therein; but Bible scholars and theologians have missed that mark for centuries, whether willingly, blind, or out of ignorance! Even so, can we realistically heap blame upon them? No, we should not; because God is the one who blinded their eyes so that they do not see: "...Who hath made man's mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the LORD?" Exodus 4:11. And, "The LORD hath not given you an heart to perceive, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, unto this day." Deuteronomy 29:4. Therefore, since He not only creates thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers, He blinds those of His choosing from being able to see the simplest particle of His doing while opening wide the eyes and ears of His Prophets, and especially the Watchers. In turn, whether audible or in the Spirit they shout His word together in agreement, in symphonic harmony throughout the world. By the power of their decrees, things are established. The prophets prophesy when they hear their Lion roar out of Zion; but the Watchers decree and establish those prophecies.

The morning stars, we are sure, were also in symphonic harmony when they sang together, as well as the sons of God when they shouted for joy as noted in Job 38:7. It was one voice, one accord, one cry of joyous exultation. We do not know if the morning stars singing together and the sons of God shouting for joy were merely overwhelmed reactions by what they saw, or if the sons’ shouts were decrees that were part of laying down the foundations of the earth.

Regardless, if our eyes happen to be open enough to see some of the light emitted from those words, I am sure we are shouting a little for joy about now, and if not now, hopefully, very shortly. We should at least be overwhelmed enough with astonishment and can join together in singing with the morning stars. And please know, such singing is not merely coming together in the same vicinity, such as with a group of people in the choir loft of their church. This singing together, yachad in the Hebrew, means to sing as a unit, as one, with one voice. The Hebrew word is the equivalent to the Greek word sumphoneo in Matthew 18:19 where it speaks of people being in agreement: "I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven."

This verse has been used for generations by well-meaning people attempting to get what they want without any regard to what the Spirit was saying about it. They came together (bodily) with something they wanted, and the plan was laid out. Their wants were told to one or two others, an entire congregation, or to untold thousands on worldwide prayer chains. And please take note, I appreciate prayer chains, especially if I am the one in need of prayer. Nevertheless, we have misused the very words of Jesus, saying, "If two of you shall touching anything that you shall ask, it shall be done for them." From experience we all surely know that sometimes it is done and sometimes it is not. Brethren, there is something wrong with this picture. Either Jesus was telling the truth, or He missed the mark (sinned) by misunderstanding the principle of prayer, or He was lying. If He was telling the truth, as carnal minds perceive this verse, every single time two or more people set their minds to "agree" on a certain matter, God would have to honor their agreement. If not, Jesus would be made a sinner by missing the mark of what God would really do, or He was lying. But we know this is impossible; for as it is with His Father, and ours, He can neither sin nor lie (ref. 1 John 3:9 & Titus 1:2).

Agree, in this verse, has nothing whatsoever to do with two or three making a pact to agree on anything; but it has everything to do with being in union with the Spirit of Christ, and rising in symphonic harmony to meet that which is already finished in the heavens. Some may not know, but the Greek word for agree is sumphoneo and means to be in harmony. It is derived from sun and phoneo. Sun refers to being in complete union with another entity. In this case it is phoneo from where our English phone is derived and means voice or sound. Symphony is the transliteration of sumphoneo. A symphony is composed of various types of people and instruments, whereby all the variation rise in the same spirit to produce one sound, one voice of beautiful harmony. And as it is in the body of Christ, each class of instrument is strategically placed in the various regions of the orchestra for their greatest potential to be drawn. Although the entire orchestra produces one sound, not every instrument is always sounding at the same time. There are occasions when only one instrument is being voiced, such as violin or a trumpet. During such times as this, the silence of all the others is just as important as the one being played. Everyone and every instrument fit perfectly in the whole as the members either sound their instruments on cue or keep silent. That is what it is to agree on earth as touching anything whether it is two or three members of the body of Christ, or the whole body sounding together as ONE VOICE! (Margit wrote an excellent article, The Song of The Lord, concerning this thought:

As it is with any orchestra, at hearing the first sounds, or noise, when the musicians are doing the final tuning their instruments, one might wonder if anything good could come from such an unorganized crowd of people. And it has been the same with the symphony of the Lord’s body; but I believe the time has come for the stage’s Light to be turned on. It is the time of birthing, if you please, as our friend Daniel Sutton quoted this short statement recently he heard by the Spirit: "The water is broken." When this happens, anyone who knows about this sort of thing, understands that "the time is short," as others wrote a couple of days ago that they heard by the Spirit.

Therefore, since the water is broken, and the time is short—it is time for the members of the Conductor’s body to take their places and anxiously wait for His baton to slice the air to initiate the grandest symphonic birth the world has ever known. What a decree from the Watchers that will bring forth the manifestation of the glory of the sons of God who will bring salvation to the lost, the downtrodden, the outcast, the wounded, the forsaken, and to all others who hurt!

The entire house will be filled with the glory of the Lord that streams from each vessel. Now that, my friends, is what it is to agree. It is the Lord’s symphony with Him as the Conductor. That is the song of the stars with which we surely sang in agreement. A symphony of rapturous praise by the Spirit from seeing the foundation of the earth being rolled out like a scroll. Such a glorious view of God’s creation, from beginning to end that filled every son of God with a joyous, ear-splitting shout, and it is time to sing and shout again and establish the Kingdom of God at the end of the old era to begin the new!

We know of two people who were witnesses to all of this; but they did not live to see it unfold. One was our first grandson who died at the young age of nineteen, and the other was the daughter of a sister from Mississippi we met in a home meeting near Stanton, Tennessee. Her daughter, as it was with our grandson, also died young. She, like it was for Christopher, saw all there was to know about God, Jesus Christ, and everyone who ever was, is, or will be. They both saw and understood every thing there was to know about mankind, including every individual. They were in awe at knowing all things from the beginning to the end and everything before the beginning and everything after the end, while they knew that they could not possibly know anything like this. Nonetheless, they both saw it and understood it all, for several minutes, while they peered into the eyes of Jesus who had appeared to them. The ongoing and final Word and Spirit that also flowed through their understanding was that—"ALL IS WELL!"

I believe these two precious ones were living on the brink between heaven and hell, between life and death, between this side of the river and the other side—and during one of those times they drew nearer to those celestial shores than to the shores of the world, and they saw all things clearly. To think that we are still concerned about who our president is, whether it is for better or for worse.

Some might think I am either for or against this president, and perhaps in the natural as knowing things I may lean in one direction more than the other; but in the Spirit, it matters not one wit to me whether the president is male or female, black, white, black and white mixture, brown, red, yellow, shades between them all, albino, or pink. Note, these trifles are not an issue. Period! People do not think with their skin. They may think certain ways due to how they were treated because of their skin. Or they may have never been mistreated; but their family, friends, and mentors may have told them all their lives how they are hated by everyone else, and that because of their heritage, they will never prosper in the world. The way people think and do things are what needs to be weighed in the balance of one's personal qualities and especially presidential qualities, and not their physical appearance. We have friends of varied races who we would place our lives and all we own in their hands and never give it a second thought. We also know people of varied races who we wouldn’t entrust our goldfish to their care, should we ever have one. Skin tones do not make people think good or bad; but I can tell you this. Jesus Christ is a factor that causes all who are born of His Spirit to think and do as He thinks and does.

In the natural makeup of my being, I care whether a president and his oligarchy have designs of bringing the people of the nation under their totalitarian control, which it is apparent that most of them have embraced that agenda. And do we think the one who sits today in the oval office—not a concentrical, round office that speaks of God’s unwavering perfection—is any different? Come on now! Don’t get side tracked and think that the captain of your football team (the president of your party) is an exception. He is not; for not only have the others worked according to the whims of the carnal man, so has this one. Moreover, his and his oligarchy’s whims, ideologies, and dictates have been decreed by the Watchers, namely, you and me! Don’t be shocked; but such things as this happen when it is commanded for a nation to be judged. Even so, we may want to take the rod of correction from the hand of our Father when we see our brothers and sisters flayed to an inch of the their lives; but all efforts and pleas fall on deaf ears. He will hear none of it! In1961, the Watchers decreed from the visions they had that this nation would be severely judged, and *judgment began that year. It has continued since, and no one has been able to reverse it. *America Under Judgment by J. Preston Eby.

Even so, when we understand it is by God’s hand that the government’s mind-set is to undermine the Constitution, to enslave the people, to pit ethnic groups against one another, spend the country into bankruptcy, and then rebuild it into a Socialistic nation ruled by an "elite" few (the oligarchy), are we to endorse God’s judgment by doing everything we can to support the destruction of the nation? God forbid! By no means should we ever vote to retain or elect men and women who support the killing of more than 54 million babies since 1973 by abortion. Nor should we endorse that which God calls an abomination. Let God control the population if there is a need, not the half-witted sages of the world order. We should, however, minister life and deliverance to those who are party to such an atrocity, whether willingly or unwillingly. Likewise, to endorse homosexuality as a God sanctioned lifestyle would be no different than endorsing fornication. The mystery is that, many people see nothing wrong with either, while some feel that recreational sex, or sex outside of marriage is ok, but not homosexuality. But can we not see that they both are fruits of the carnal nature’s lust? Both are generated by sexual emotions and desire. The only difference between the two is that one is natural and the other is not natural which goes against nature; but both render the same result—physical and emotional self-satisfaction!

Therefore, just because we know that God is judging this nation as well as the world by opening such doors by the works of amoral people and base politicians, we cannot endorse the people nor their actions that help to bring destruction to their lives and the nation. For instance, we could never see a child sodomized and turn a blind eye to the horrific act and say, "Well, it is God’s judgment on the nation." Never, not in a million years could we do so, nor could we give credence to it! Even at the risk of our own life, we would put a stop to it if at all possible. Also, if we could go back in time with the understanding that the horrific death of Jesus was necessary to be part of the salvation of all, and we knew it was a decree from on high, we could have never endorsed it or have been a part of it.

Therefore, when we see God’s judgment being levied upon the people of this country, we neither attempt to usurp His authority and take the rod from His hand, nor do we plead with Him to let the nation go without being disciplined. Nor do we take the self-righteous approach by gathering around like cheerleaders encouraging Him on. However, as the Watchers, when the time comes, we will say to the rods of correction to cease, and they will obey! The powers will be removed and replaced with others of God’s choosing.

The Watchers will not prophesy that it will take place, someday, but decree it to be, and it will be established! Since the two witnesses of Revelation 11 have finished their testimony, for the most part, they have been killed by the beast. They are laying as laughingstocks in the streets of that great city that is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt; that is, the United States of America. The beast waged war on those whose testimony had been godly, descent, honorable, moral, and the beast has won that war. His weapons have been scurrilous propaganda, character assassinations, deriding those who are anything other than crass, worldly, and decadent. Charlatan ministers and churches have added to their demise as well as the News Media, Christian scandals of promiscuity and immorality, and more, have all been part of the weapons that helped to kill the two witnesses. But praise God! Their testimony was finished! There was nothing more for them to say! It was time for it to end and make room for that which is greater!

We see that after three days, these two witnesses are raised to life and are caught up to heaven, to a much higher realm of life and authority. With the prophetic order dead, they no longer prophesy—THEY DECREE! They do not prophesy in sackcloth—they decree from the throne of God in the heavens! And when they decree, things happen, and it does not take 1000 years, 100 years, or even 1 year to see it! Moreover, when the Watchers decree, they don’t have to put out a fleece to see if it is of God or not. They don’t have to test the waters. They don’t have to step out on a limb in blind faith and say, "Thus saith the Lord." No, not at all! For they speak from the Throne’s powerhouse of authority and dominion! Their decrees do not have to be worked up, fasted for, or given to premeditation. When the time comes, without hesitation, forethought, or wavering whatsoever— they demand things to be, and they are established. Frankly, if they didn’t sound the decrees when it was time, I believe they would explode from the build up of power from within. How many of you have had a foretaste of this and can relate to what I am saying? A few, I am sure.

There was a season when the spirit of prophecy flowed like mighty rivers in this nation. But the time has come for that which is foretold—and declared to be taking place in the distant future—to end. Prophecies had let us know what wonderful things would come to pass, which gave us hope. But the time has come for the Watchers to bring it all to pass by their anointed decrees! It is like an executive order that has been sealed until an appointed hour, and once that hour arrives, whoever is authorized to do so breaks the seal. The order is made known to the Watchers who decree and establish that which had been prophesied. A decree can also be made that has never been prophesied. It can be a word in due season and for the occasions as the Lord conveys His word to His Watchers. It can be a word or event that had been heard or seen by a prophet, like John, but forbidden to be written in the book of Revelation.

Some would be tempted to draw up a pattern as to how the Watchers work; but we do not see that they have a pattern. They simply demand and establish things from the Throne; for being one mind with their King, they go about His business and bring forth whatever His plan might be at any given moment whether it is time for prophecies to be fulfilled or it is a new thing. Moreover, until our natural minds are totally renewed, some of our Father’s doings might not be that which we would choose or even think could be something He would be a part of. One thing comes to mind that a few surely disagree with His choice of our current president. Even so, it, indeed, was His choice, and He then passed it on to His Watchers in the form of a decree to make sure it happened. We might ought to get used to these High Court orders; for when they are given to us, we will demand that they are fulfilled whether our natural minds like it or not; for when the Lion roars from the heights of Zion, how can we do other than to decree His word?

We know that He spoke to John that to the overcomers He would... " ...give power over the nations." Revelation 2:26. We look at this and may form an opinion that one of the first things we will do is to destroy the wicked governments of the world and set up God’s righteous ones in their place. And perhaps, punish the bad guys and reward the good ones. But by now, we are seeing that there is more to it than this; such as, decreeing that men of clandestine motives are set in power to judge and bring nations down.

It is still hard for many to grasp that many matters are by the decree of the Watchers, and those decrees are demands as holy ones, and this is so the world may know that the most High rules in the kingdom of men. And also that God gives it to whomsoever He will! And He sets up over nations the basest of men. Daniel 4:17.

As for base men, look around, my friends, and find one who is self-willed, self-aggrandizing, an egotistical self-loving narcissist, who is oozing with pride, one who is a hyper-sensitive, ruthless, vindictive, heartless, and pitiless man, who is unremorseful, deceitful, and is a pathological liar you might have found the next president of the United States of America, or some other world leader. For how much more base can one be?

With only a slight insight of these things, we can see that it is not a deep mystery that there is no president who has ever had the solution to America's problems, much less that of the other nations of world. Men, in fact, are the cause of the problems, and there will never be a day when we can trust in horses and chariots and reap that which only comes by the grace of God. There is no man, or many men, no political parties or organizations that can rid us of wickedness, poverty, and tyranny. Neither philosophies, armies, nor man in general can avert this. Until the hearts of the people forsake their evil ways and turn whole-heartedly to the Lord, the downward spiral to total destruction will surely continue.

So, let the lions of the earth roar; for they have their prey. Let the young lions roar in their dens; for they have taken their kill inside. But now the Lord, the Lion of Judah has also taken His prey—this nation—and it is in the jaws of his anointed, Cyrus/Obama, and His Watchers are sounding their decrees. His holy ones are demanding these things to be done. But this is not the end of the matter; for the same Watchers will decree the destruction of these earthly base lions of folly. They will say thus far and no more!

When lions of the world roar, their people fear, and much more so when the lions of God roar, namely, His sons, the Watchers. Their roar is not from beneath, but from above, from on high! There will then be a worldwide fear sweeping over all flesh; but another fear, a godly fear; that is, a reverence for Jesus Christ. It will flood the hearts and souls of all! When the Lord GOD has spoken, what can the Sons, the Watchers do but to—DECREE REGIME CHANGES, TRANSFORM LIVES, HEAL THE SICK, RAISE THE DEAD, and MANIFEST LOVE EVERLASTING FROM HE WHO IS LOVE? Thus—THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD; for THE WATER IS BROKEN, and THE TIME IS SHORT!

Elwin R. Roach

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