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The Watchers

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The  Oligarchs

The Leaven Of Herod


The Oligarchs

While on the Isle of Patos, John, the beloved of the Lord, heard Him say: "And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations." Revelation 2:26.

How many can really believe this? In all frankness, it appears impossible, especially since we are aware of the plans and advancements of the global powers that be. It is no great mystery that the rulers of the world’s nations, including our own, especially our own, are largely controlled by unseen oligarchs (a small group of people who together govern a nation or control an organization, often for their own purposes).

. However, it is also no mystery, at least to those who hear from on high, that these men are but pawns in the fingertips of God. For as we mentioned in our previous article (#245.12), The Watchers had much to do with President Barak Obama and his election. And also Daniel’s word that a lot of people simply do not believe, religious and non-religious alike, that:

"This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will, and setteth up over it the basest of men." Daniel 4:17.

When we look at it objectively, and even without a shred of revelation by the Spirit of Christ, any rational person should be able to understand that there had to be more to this skinny guy from the windy city of Chicago winning the election...twice. How could anyone think that he could have made it to the presidency without divine help. Surely, his handlers, as with all the other presidents’ handlers had their roles in this grand production. They didn’t miss one word of the script; but the crux of the matter is that all the players thought they had written the script and had conducted the whole matter themselves. Ah! But the joke is on them as they are engulfed by the folly of their pride, right down to the last man, and it will be known in due time after they all have fallen into the ditch together.

Notwithstanding, let us reason, either in the natural or in the Spirit, but hopefully in the Spirit, and with no bias as much as is humanly possible. We will deal with the various winds that have been blowing over the nation whether factual or they are mere suppositions and innuendoes.

Whether fact or fiction, it is amazing that a man with nothing more than being a good teleprompter speaker, and being handsome according to some, could be placed overnight in the highest seat in the world. And who could have guessed that he would knock Hilary Clinton out of the race, the one who had been groomed for years and was expected to be a shoe-in for the job. Or did he?

Some say: "He didn’t build that. Somebody else made it happen." They give a lot of credit to the Liberal News Media, Hollywood icons, along with billionaire backers. It’s a given that they were all a force to reckon with; but let us not forget the Watchers. Their decree was the authority behind what happened. I am sure that since King Nebuchadrezzar could not resist their command, I doubt that those of this present oligarchy could have resisted them either. Moreover, they had no apparent desire to do so, and it was the same with their first choice, a woman who was a real contender for the office, that is, until the Watchers diverted their attention—along with half the people of the United States—to Barack Obama.

He never had a job to speak of or run a business other than being a community organizer. It was common knowledge that his professed mentors and friends were anything but pro-American; such as: Gregory Galluzzo, Mike Kruglik, John L. McKnight, (all members of the Leftist Gamaliel Foundation), Alice Palmer, Frank Marshall Davis, anti-American bomber Bill Ayers, Barack Obama Sr. (all noted Communists), and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In his book, "Dreams From My Father" he wrote: "To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist Professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets."

There were allegations of him having been born in Kenya rather than Hawaii that were voiced across the nation with as many believing it to be true as those who did not. The validity of his long birth certificate was being questioned. Some savvy digital experts maintain that it is a forgery and can be easily tested by almost anyone with programs like Paint Shop. In spite of all those ill winds blowing against him—he sailed on to be set in office.

Let us now ask ourselves, comparing natural things with natural things, was this man weighed in the balance of realistic scales? Did the people who were overwhelmed by his persona seriously consider any of the red flags that were raised daily about him ? Did they think that perhaps some of the smoke that was rising from his camp was coming from any fire of truth? The outcome speaks clearly that most either did not care, or they did not weigh the evidence, and/or innuendos, in an unbiased balance. If they had, and if they cared, the outcome could have been very much to the contrary when considering it on the natural plain. But that did not happen. He went on to become the President of the United States of America for the second time, and many knew he would; for being the Watchers, they had decreed it. Regardless of whether some were pleased with the outcome or were not, we know who really made this come to pass.

With God always being the Sovereign in the kingdom of man, it is a given that as it was with Babylon, it mattered not which Persian king was set in office by Him—Cyrus or Darius (Obama or Romney)—Babylon fell from power each time the holy demand came from the Watchers. It was made clear that it is God who rules and not narcissistic men of dust. It behooves us to know it is the same when we see coming to pass that which the Watchers of this day have decreed. If it had been Mitt Romney who had been commanded to be the President, he would have also been like Cyrus, the anointed of the Lord. Since it was Barack Obama, he then, is the Lord’s anointed. And please know this—the anointing has nothing to do with righteousness, but has everything to do with the Anointer, the One who anoints His servant to fulfill His flawless purpose.

It is still hard for many to wrap their minds around the thought that God could have anything to do with a nation’s political agendas or the outcome of elections. But elections are no more the outcome of man’s majority rule than wishful thinking of who would have been the next Roman Emperor during the persecution of Christians. To be reminded:

"...There is no power but of God: the powers that be are *ordained of God." Romans13:1. "For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: ALL things were created by Him, and for Him." Colossians 1:16.
*ordained: Grk tassÇ; to arrange in an orderly manner, that is, assign or dispose (to a certain position or lot)" Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.

This is the God of Love from whom all things, thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers, were created. This same God unconditionally loves all that came from Him. How could He do otherwise? And like any parent, He chastises those He loves, as we see happening today with this great nation. Its destiny is in His sovereign hands, not carnal minded ones. Please, dear saints, know that it is not about Barack Obama, John Boehner, Harry Reid, George Soros, David Axelrod, the Bankers, or any other men of power whether behind the scene or in the forefront. It is about God and Him judging this nation which initially began in 1961 (see America Under Judgment by J. Preston Eby at: ).

Unless there is a massive repentance and a turning back to God, His judgment upon the U.S. will continue, which will manifest in the form of more economic ills, social decline, and bad politics. These maladies upon a people are due to spiritual decadence and can only be solved spiritually! There will be no man-made solutions to any of these issues! If such were possible, the governors of New Jersey and New York could have waved their carnal fists at Sandy and her rage would have fizzled. But carnal means do not dictate to spiritual matters, this should not be a mystery. So how can a carnal man or his regime shake an angry fist at the storms of God sweeping this nation and have any effect? They can’t! The impotent prelates will flounder in their self-aggrandized pride like a shark out of water. What America needs is not the right messiah, be it man or woman, but Jesus. Repentance of her sins is paramount that she might be delivered from the judgment of her king Saul.

Many still look to the outcome of the recent presidential election as the solution to America's problems; but this is not wise; for all who trust in horses and chariots, whether in one man or many, or in political parties, philosophies, armies, or man in general to save America are grossly deceived and have been blinded beyond reason. The election made no difference in what lies ahead; for until the hearts of the people turn from their evil ways and turn whole-heartedly to the Lord, the downward spiral to total destruction will continue.

Please hear this, Barark Obama cannot reverse it, neither could have Mitt Romney nor any of the others who were in the race! The cold fact is that regardless of the person in office, they would be contributors of it. Things would not have changed one iota. This is not to say that there will not be periods when conditions temporarily improve; but the general trend will continue to be toward economic, political, and social decay as the war lords sack more nations in the name of national security while the real motive is black gold.

I know we will continue to criticize the leaders of the U.S. government and heap an abundance of blame on them, and they will surely be held accountable; but the fact is, they cannot help themselves! God has placed a veil over their minds and hearts to cause them to walk about as men in a dark cloud. They are covered over with a spirit of folly, sometimes acting like imbecilic buffoons, as they preside over the nation's demise; for God is judging this nation! The only thing that will change the kind of leadership we have is godly sorrow that works repentance unto salvation on a national level! We will surely see that this President, despite his best intentions and efforts, will come to know that he cannot reverse God’s wrath that is being laid upon us. But rather, he is a part of it. He may be very successful in doing that which is in his heart; but this is also part of the judgment.

Surely we can see that in God’s sovereignty, He is using this man, the members of Congress, the Supreme Court, and Federal agencies like pawns on His chessboard in order to humble the United States of America due to a nation under God having gone completely self-sufficient from underneath God. The U.S., for the most part, does not want to be under God and dependant on Him. She is full of independence, individualism, corporatism, nationalism, humanism, and moneyism. She trusts more in the President and the government for her safety and well-being than God. America has become a nation of idolatry, par excellence. Materialism is one of them and she refuses to align herself with God by any stretch of the imagination. By and large, the people have flatly rejected the true Messiah, the Savior, Jesus Christ, whereby only in Him are all things possible, while bowing to a man of like passions and proudly chanting, "Yes WE can! Yes WE can!"

Such reminds me of worldwide Christian programs that have had drives to get tens of millions to pray at the same time in hopes of persuading God to do what THEY want, believing that the more who prays, the more likely God will give in to their wishes, especially if they back Him into a corner by quoting scriptures to Him. Carnal efforts as this have never worked and they never will, much less carnal minded people chanting, "Yes WE can! Yes WE can!" I can imagine God taking this as a personal challenge and can almost hear Him saying: "No you can’t! And no you won’t! For without Me, you can do nothing—period!"

God is the one who whispers galaxies into existence, sets the sun and moon in their orbits, and raises up kings and world leaders. Like falling stars, He also removes them from power according to His timing and good pleasure. The latter was made clear in Daniel 2:21. Therefore, does it matter what their names are, or what their agendas might be? Not in the least. For they are all set in place by the left hand of God to advance His Kingdom in ways like Cyrus did when he subdued Babylon and released the Treasures of Darkness that were formerly held behind her walls.

There is little difference today between our heads of State and those in the days of Jesus. Herod, Pilate, and Caiaphas the high priest had roles to play, and once those roles were carried out, the Church was born and manifested that which turned the world upside down. Without those evil entities, the Treasures of Darkness, the saints of God, would have never been known. The roles of Herod and the others were by no means righteous; but what they did was essential so Jesus could be crucified. Without Pilate’s order for His death according to the people’s demand, the Kingdom of God would have never been more than one Son of God in the earth still walking around doing wonderful works and confined to one locality of wherever He might be at any given time. If He was in Alamogordo, New Mexico shopping for a new tunic at a Wal Mart Super Center, except for TV, no one in Bangladesh, or anywhere else in the world, would benefit from His glorious Sonship. You see, He had to die in order to fill every cell of His corporate body, the body that covers the entire earth. This was necessary to reach into the darkest corner of the world and subdue unto Him every problem. Without His death unto resurrection, anxieties, heartbreak, disease, all death, hell, and the grave could not be calmed nor destroyed. And some still ask, "Why did Jesus have to die?"

The Leaven Of Herod

Turmoil and insecurities arise today when the people who call themselves by the name of God confuse His Kingdom with the church system, and even the United States of America. This is due to them not having a clear perspective of His Kingdom. They, therefore, dine from the world’s table rather than from the banqueting table of the Lord, and Jesus warned against this by saying: "...Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and of the leaven of Herod." Mark 8:15.

We have understood for a long time what the leaven of the Pharisees is, that it is referring to religious church dogmas, doctrines, tenets of faith, ordinances, rituals, and the likes; but what about the leaven of Herod? What could Jesus have been talking about? We don’t hear much about this; but it would be good if we knew.

While the Pharisees symbolized the religious world, Herod symbolized the political world. Today, we may have shed almost all of the religious trappings from our lives, but in many ways we have remained in bed with Herod. Unwittingly, we may have slipped on the king’s night shirt and maybe even crawled between the sheets of his political bed. Some are between Liberal sheets, while others are between Conservative sheets, and both sides think the others are in the wrong bed and believe they are totally blind to the truth. The fact is, there is little difference between the two lumpy beds. One has a blue bedspread and the other is red; but the bedframe and mattress are both the same—manmade, yet still decreed by the Watchers! When it comes to the Kingdom of God, they are both blind; for His Kingdom is not of this world. It is neither Socialistic nor Democratic. It is Theocratic! It is a Theocracy—God Ruled! And Cyrus, Obama, or whoever else, is very negatively instrumental in it all.

We might wonder how Christians could eat from Herod’s table? Most likely, because they believe the salvation of our country depends on their ability to cage the lion of political power and get him under their collective control of a people led democracy. They also believed that the more "Christian-like" the President might be, the sooner the nation will flourish as the Garden of Eden.

However, each president as far back as they go, regardless of his supposed or real commitment to Christ, has failed to place us at the right hand of God and has failed to give us dominion over our nation, much less the world. You can’t demand a king to rule over you and expect to have power over him. It does not work that way.

As for Romney not winning the race, we cannot say that his supporters did not try hard enough. I don’t think we have ever seen such frenzied political activity in the church system, and even with a large number of those who have the greater vision of spiritual matters. The leaven of Herod has been apparent, and most of it is built around the argument, "This is a Christian nation, so it is our Christian duty to do something! And when our man, or woman, gets in, he or she will turn things around and bring God back into focus, then prosperity and honor will return to our country again."

Let it be that we are to be a people who will not be fooled by any of Herod's hoodwinking, political ways. We are not to buy into the schemes of any of the self-aggrandizing heads of State, nor will we exalt these pompous puppets. Rather than looking to this president or to another, as our Messiah, we will continue in our calling to Sonship. We will keep doing the work of God's kingdom until our goal is fully reached, as 2 Peter 1:10 admonishes. We will focus our attention on Jesus and be who we are in Him as we press toward the mark, for the prize of His high calling. We refuse to be identified by any party or power of our day; for we are His, and His alone!

Does this then mean that we must have nothing to do with politics? I cannot say. That is between each of us and what we know is right in the Spirit. Whether we sign petitions, write letters to congressmen and senators, vote, or we do none of these, let us be free in the Spirit to do or be free not to do. Whether we do or we do not each item or all of them, it is to be done without feasting on the political leaven of Herod. 

Just prior to the election, our friend, John Clark, said, "I have heard that this is a case of voting for the lesser of the two evils. Well, why do I have to vote for evil at all? I refuse to vote for evil! Period!" And he didn’t!

John had a very good thought; for he understood that when a *lion roars, whether from the plains of the Serengeti, from the throne of God’s Kingdom, or from the oval office of the White House, it is by a decree of the Lord. There are lions in every kingdom: animal, man, and God, and they possess awesome powers in the realm wherein they live. But I can tell you this: When the prophets of God roar, when the Watchers decree, they have heard from on high, and that which they demand will come to pass over all realms under them! We believe it is the same with presidential lions, they roar that which is from the heavens; but they know not what they say or do. It is the Watchers who have an ear to hear and understand what they speak into the ear of the lions to fulfill the desires of He who rules and judges in the kingdom of men...
*Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?" Amos 3:7-8.

Part 3 of 3...

Elwin R. Roach

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