The Stages of The Rise And Fall of All Great Nations

History shows us that all of the great nations of the world have never lived much more than 200 years, and there has been sequential stages in every case.

The first stage moves from bondage to spiritual faith. The second from spiritual faith to great courage. The third stage moves from great courage to liberty. The fourth stage moves from liberty to abundance. The fifth stage moves from abundance to selfishness. The sixth stage moves from selfishness to complacency. The seventh stage moves from complacency to apathy. The eighth stage moves from apathy to moral decay. The ninth stage moves from moral decay to dependence. And the tenth and last stage moves from dependence to bondage.

These are the ten stages through which all the great nations have gone. We can't help from noticing the progression from bondage to liberty back to bondage. Seems that the law of circularity might be at work.  Nevertheless, the first generation throws off the shackles of bondage only to have a later generation -- through apathy, indifference, and dependence upon the government -- to allow itself to once again be enslaved. 

Which stage do you think the "United" States of America is in, as well as the other great nations of the world?  How long do we have before the people of this nation are in bondage again?  Can it it prevented?  "Not by might, nor by power; but by My Spirit, saith the LORD of hosts" (Zech. 4:6)  Only by the Spirit of the LORD is it possible; but our portion may be that of Jerusalem's in 70 A.D. before that great day comes.  (rf. The Beginning of The End of All Things)

Suggested reading, America Under Judgment by J. Preston Eby.

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