Although Ray will be missed by those here in this earthly realm,  we know that he would not want us to mourn his death. Ray would want us to rejoice as the heavenly hosts are rejoicing. There is much victory for Ray as he has run the race of the mark of the high calling and has passed through the rent veil to the other side to stand in the presence of his Creator - God - and Savior. 

To God be the glory and Ray would say, "Keep your eyes upon Jesus our Savior, run the race of the mark of the high calling so you may dwell in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ." For after all, this earthly realm is not the end, but only the beginning of the servitude of our Lord.   We MUST take our eyes off of this earthly realm to be able to see where our Father dwells in Heaven, so we may dwell there also.  Remember, ALL will be reconciled back into Christ, every man in his own order.

Take heart and know that where Ray is, we too soon shall be.


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