(Click on Date for Daily Devotional)

 May 1 Confirm Thine Inheritance
 May 2 Christ, Our Intercessor
 May 3 Christ, Our Mercyseat
 May 4 We Have An Advocate
 May 5

His Life, My Ransom

 May 6 Mighty To Save
 May 7

Learning To Wait

 May 8 Abiding In The Lord
 May 9 Resting In The Lordx
 May 10 Committed To The Vision
 May 11 All Are His Servants
 May 12 Overcome Evil With Good
 May 13 Honey In The Corpse
 May 14 God's Out-stretched Hand
 May 15 We Have An Altar
 May 16 Process For Renewal
 May 17 Parts of His Ways
 May 18 Elevated Attitudes
 May 19 Girding Up The Mind
 May 20 Hundred-Fold Fruitage
 May 21 Put On Incorruption
 May 22 Incorruption Brought To Light
 May 23 Daily Quickening
 May 24 Spiritual Sobriety
 May 25 Sorrow Turned Into Joy
 May 26 His Blessings Make Rich
 May 27 Crucified With Christ
 May 28 The World Crucified To Me
 May 29 I, Crucified Unto The World
 May 30 Believe, And Are Sure
 May 31 We Will Not Draw Back