(An email from Dr. Harold Lovelace.  Please click on link to open flyer containing straight-forward questions many people may have about God.)

Which is Better? is a pamphlet  I designed jointly with Douglas Henderson of Tulsa using straight-forward questions many people may have about God plus Which is Best? and followed by Believe

the Best. This is a tool to help people better understand God and His ways.
I have this on Acrobat as an e-mail attachment that I am sending to you.  Make your own copies or
have a print shop print them.  (If no computer, let me know.  I will mail you a copy and you can make copies at a print shop.)
1. It may be folded, stamped and mailed. Purchase some small circle tape dots and apply 2 or more
on the open edges if mailing.
2. You may make copies of it and add your name and address or church info. on the section with large print WHICH IS BETTER?
3. Place copies in barber shops, beauty shops, doctor's and dentist's offices, coffees shops, or anywhere
there is reading material and not a problem.  People waiting for an appointment will read it, take
it and may make contact with you or me.  Go back later and see if they need more copies.
4. Make a copy of this letter and mail or give copies to your friends everywhere and ask them
to do the same as shown above.
A suggestion...open the pamphlet and refold it to where the questions begin on panel 1.  This is an
open invitation for it to be read.
(Since some go across land and sea to make a follower, why not us do something greater and easier?)
Let's spread God's Good News to all.
Dr. Harold Lovelace Ministries
P.O. Box 995
Saraland, AL  36571-0995


Which Is Better:


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