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A group on a visit to the holy land came upon a shepherd tending his flock. They noticed, however, that he carried one sheep across his shoulder with what seemed to be a broken leg. Someone asked what had happened to the sheep. The shepherd explained that the sheep was always straying and would not remain with the flock so he broke his leg. The desired result is that by carrying the sheep on his 

shoulder until the leg is healed, the sheep will have gotten tamed and so used to the shepherd that he will never run off again. Isn't it true that sometimes we have to get broken and even melted until we become supple [flexible] in the hand of our heavenly Father? And even when we see what sort of vessel he intends to shape us into, we resist and complain. It is only after a prolonged process that we finally get the message and begin to settle down. Saul got an immediate awakening when he heard: "It is hard for you to kick against the pricks." When Jesus said that he would draw all men unto him, the word DRAW carries the connotation of being "dragged as if by the collar." 

I love the song that says: "My stubborn will at last hath yielded; I would be thine, and thine alone; and this the prayer my lips are bringing, Lord, let in me thy will be done. Sweet will of God, still fold me closer, till I am wholly lost in thee." So let it be written, so let it be done!"

Royce Kennedy, Maryland