Bro. Royce O. Kennedy


I came to Norfolk, Virginia, in 1970 from London, England to found a local Assembly, which was done in August the next year, called "End-time United Church" which is still functioning. I served as its pastor until 1977 when I relocated to San Diego, California. I was ordained in London, in 1968 by a representative of Sister Thelma Chaney, under the ministry of "Lighthouse Gospel Fellowship." It was about the year 1968 that I began to be introduced to "Sonship and the Kingdom" mostly through books written by Sister Chaney. In 1974 I met a group who worshipped in an upstairs building in a Baltimore suburb, and my walk and understanding of "Present Day Truths" took on new meanings. In the early 1980s I met Sister Dora Van Assen, Brother Bennie Skinner, and later, Brother Preston Eby. It was Brother Eby who gave me directions how to meet Brother Elwin Roach, on my drive cross country to California. Later on in the 80s, I began to serve as pastor at West Gate Tabernacle in West Palm Beach, Florida, and was blessed to have many great speakers come to our conventions. In 1986 Judy and I moved to North Carolina and after a few months, with the birth of twin boys we relocated to a Maryland suburb just outside Washington DC. After 25 years of publishing under the name "New Horizon Ministries" I decided to adopt the name, "On Eagles' Wings Ministries." All materials are still FREE and are sent post paid upon request. Much blessings to you all!

Brother Kennedy