"The idea for writing this book came out of my ten years of giving tours in Arlington National Cemetery. The history of the Arlington Estate and the misfortunes that befell the Lee family, resulting in their 1,100 acre property becoming a cemetery, made such an impact on me that I wanted to learn more about the man, Robert E. Lee. But, since I was already 54 years old and had not attended American schools, I knew nothing about James Town, Gettysburg, Bull Run, Antietam, or General Lee's surrender to General Ulysses S. Grant at the home of Wilmer and Virginia McLean in the town of Appomattox, Virginia, on fateful day in April 1865.

By listening daily to tour guides going through their narration to visiting tourists, I began to learn the history of the Arlington Estate, and how it became a cemetery. I learned about all the wars America participated in, from the Revolutionary War up to July 2000. I quit my job as driver and tour guide on the grounds of this sacred shrine. I will try to bring Arlington National Cemetery to you, right where you are and place it within your finger tips. Just be creative and use your imagination to its fullest."


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