Jim, what are your thoughts on Worms? "And if your eye makes you sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes, to be cast into hell fire - where 'their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched." Mark 9:47-48

Do you have anything on what this worm might be?

I tend to believe it's speaking of the haunting memories the Jews have of days past. When they once had power with God and long for it again.

That these memories eat away at them like a canker or a palmer worm. What are your thoughts?

Mr. Dave

Dear Mr. Dave,

These are the thoughts the Lord gave me this morning when I asked Him what about the worm. I will share them first, then I wrote more below. The Worm: While on their way to Capernaum these twelve were discussing who among them were the greatest. Self pride among them and self examination.(religious minds.) Remember in Acts 12:23 where Herod's attitude brought forth worms that took his body over? Remember the Manna that we are to eat each day which is Jesus Christ, which is who we are and He is a receiver and giver of Life and so are we as His Jars kept by Him, the Arkto be a fresh expression of Himself to the world. When expressions come from me or you that do not come from that child within (teachable, humble, unprideful, etc.) then these expressions turn to worms. Only when the scripture in Gal. 2:20 with the help of Rom. 6:11 when we realize our Ego is dead and this clay jar delights to stay in The Ark where that which is in me doesn't have to eat me. A child is natural acting and receiving. That is the true Him within us that we are. Jacob the Physical a worm, Is. 41:14--Israel God's servant. Back to the worm, the word for worm and scarlet are mostly locked together. The worm, one of God's transformers of flesh. The fire changes back to the original substances of that, that can burn. The sun is fire, the worm is God's Blessing to us even though it seems slow, yet like the one sent to cut Jonah's vine, to expose Jonah and then transforming for recycling that pride of the flesh to be brought back for the Glory of God. That (My Glory) Is. 66:18---.

The setting of these remarks as you know came from Jesus to his followers mainly because of the flesh view of what they thought was His mission here on earth at that time. So here they are trying to position themselves within a kingdom with power and control over the peoples that will fix the mess that they see exists. They were so religious like all religious people of today as they feed from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in their effort to do their thing for God. Thank God for the worm Jesus again is quoting from Is. 66:18- where what was lost was HIS GLORY and the bringing fourth HIS GLORY. Self pride, examination, fixing, criticizing, in the effort to prepare that which the Lord said and God sees as dead-dead-dead, is exposed because everything that comes fourth from it turns into worms. Jesus said that He was the True manna that comes from the spiritual dimension into this lower dimension. Remember the jar that the manna was put into and then placed into the ark to keep as a witness? Remember how that which was not Him went into worms? He is our Sabbath and it lasted through Him and no worms. You and I in reality are those clay jars that receive that manna and as long as we are in the ark the clay jar becomes a portion of the ark as well as the manna that we become. Like Herod in Acts 12, the worms show up to eat on the dead of the prideful one that is not Christ or Jonah who had a protection other than the Lord so the Lord sent a worm to destroy that which Jonah didn't see as the Lord. Jesus went into the explanation of becoming like a child or seeking that child like attitude that is within each of us even though most of the time it is buried very deep below all our self striving and self efforts to fix ourselves up and prepare our dead portion so that it is presentable with our integrity and all that good stuff from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He wants to start hearing that still quiet voice that is within that is Him, the true life that is the real you. Only when we have the foundation of the realization given to us by the spirit can we know what Gal. 2 : 20, with the help of Rom. 6 : 11, cause us to see that we are the true manna with the gift of being able to know which voice that we here is His voice and be able to do only what we see the Father doing. Jacob the before man, the worm Is. 41 : 14. Fire transforms into another form as well as the sun and water and many other things along with the WORM who is one of God"s transforming ministers to reveal and change, all for the Glory of God. Another interesting point about the word translates as worm in the Hebrew is that it is the same word translated SCARLET which is Red which is Adam which is Esau and has much to do with the construction of the place where God is to meet with man. It looks to me like all the Pride and WORKS of the first Adam are to go through the worm and back into the Glory of God. I may not have answered your question but I had fun and learned about that Scarlet thing.

Jim Phillips
791 N Newby Ln
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