"Teaching the things concerning the kingdom of God..."

J. Preston Eby

Saviour of the World Series

Just What Do You Mean...

Man Is A
Free Moral Agent!

The Sinner Must Decide
The Shepherd Seeks The Sheep
The Will Of Man; I Will Draw All Men Unto Me By One Man

God All
In All!

God's Plan Of The Ages
 The Purpose Of God In This Age
 Redemption In Two Parts
 As In Adam - So In Christ
 Every Man In His Own Order
 All Things In Subjection
 God All In All

God Will Have All Men To Be Saved!

I Will Draw All Men Unto Me God's Oath - To Save All
The Justification
Of All Mankind
Mercy Upon All
Why Teach Salvation of All?


 Man - Not God - Is Reconciled!
 Reconciling All Things
 The Ministry Of Reconciliation

The Judgment!

Past Times Of Judgment
Future Times Of Destructive Judgment
Judgments Of The Believer
The Nature Of Judgment
The Judgment Of The Nations
God's Purpose For The Church
Judgment And Restoration Of The Nations
The Judgment Day
The Ministry Of Judging
The Ministry Of Redemption And Restoration

The Restitution
All Things!

There Is One God
The Lord Our God Is One
All Things Created By God
All Things Created In Christ
All Things Out Of Him
The Unfragmented One
All Things Through Him
All Things Into Him


God Has A
Plan The Plan Of the Ages

The Ages of the Ages
The Age of the Ages

AIONIOS-The Life of the Ages
Time vs. Eternity
The God of the Ages
From Time to Eternity
Ages-Lasting Correction

The Wages Of Sin!

The Wages Of Sin Is Death!
The Saviour Of The World


Infinite Grace
A "Second Chance?"
Hell - The Hadean State
The Keys Of Death And Hell
When Christ Preached In Hell!
The Punishment Must Fit
the Crime

The Good Shepherd
To Hell And Back
The Great Gulf

The Lake

 The Prodigal Son
 God Gains Attention
 The Lake Of Fire
 The Second Death
 Not Hurt Of The Second Death
 Tormented In The Presence Of  The Lamb 

God Is Love!

 The Power of God's Love
 Love Your Enemies!
 Knowing The Real Jesus

The Law Of


Will Jesus Torture Billions Forever? How Men Are Saved
The Law of Circularity


The Year of Jubilee; The Inheritance; Tracing Our Inheritance; Inheritance Lost; Redemption; Redemption vs. Jubilee; Limited Redemption; Jubilee! The Blowing Of Trumpets; The Jubilee Trumpet

The Unpardonable

What Is The Sin?
There Is No Unpardonable Sin!

No Forgiveness To The Age

The Day Dawns

In The Heavens!


Reconciliation In The Heavens! (All things in all realms)



The Parable
The Rich Man
The Deaths of the Rich Man
and Lazarus

Abraham's Bosom
Lazarus In Abraham's Bosom
The Rich Man In Torment

The Great Gulf


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