Heaven's Descenders
(Part 7) #142.01

I COME TO DO THY WILL, O GOD -- The Brazen Serpent; Was Jesus A Sacrifice? Types, Shadows, And Realities; Can God Die?

Heaven's Descenders
(Part 6) #141.01

AND HE SHALL SEND JESUS: The Sound Of Trumpets; Seven Trumpets

Heaven's Descenders
(Part 5) #140.01

WHO WANTS TO GO TO HELL WITH ME? Jordan -- The Descender; Galilee -- The Circuit Of The Gentiles; Gadarenes -- The Garden Of Man (a journey for every son).

Heaven's Descenders
(Part 4) #139.01

I WILL CAST YOU TO THE GROUND: You seal up the sum; Full of wisdom; Perfect in beauty; You were in Eden; Every precious stone was your covering; Your pipes (bezels); You were the anointed cherub; Stones of fire; You were perfect; You defiled your sanctuaries (Ezek 28 )

Heaven's Descenders
(Part 3) #138.01

War In Heaven; Lucifer -- Son of the Morning (Isa 14)

Heaven's Descenders
(Part 2) #137.01

When that which is perfect is come.

Heaven's Descenders
(Part 1) #136.01

Should we ascend into heaven or descend from there?

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