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Cancer treatment with Bicarbonate of Soda
(CO2 in soda is lost if not kept sealed)


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We, as I am sure it has been with all of you, have had friends and family members coming down with cancer, and some dying from it, not to mention the atrocities of the attempted cures, such as with my two double cousins (brother and sister, Fred & Marshalene) who died a little over a seven years ago of prostate and lung cancer. We also lost our dear friend Sandy Fallis to colon cancer before we knew about this natural treatment.

Therefore, before invasive surgery, deadly chemo and radiation therapy, check out the links below, especially  videos of Italian oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, concerning "fungus" as being the real cause of cancer, and how easily it is cured:

Dr. Tullio Simoncini videos:

Patient testimonials:

Dr Simoncini's fungal hypothesis:

Dr. Simoncini's Homepage:

Bladder Cancer Treatment:

Experimentation being Blocked:

Dr. Sircus' Thoughts on Baking Soda Treatment:
Whether these claims are true or not, I can't say for sure; but I can say this: I (Elwin Roach) had a basil cell carcinoma on the side of my face removed three years ago that took 16-18 stitches to close the surgical wound. Another appeared a few months ago on my temple which was about the same size and appearance as the other. After it being slightly scratched, it took a month to heal. I was dreading the thought of another ordeal of hacking and cutting on me, even as minor as it would be compared to those who are really afflicted with cancer that is ravaging their bodies in such horrible ways.
After seeing the Dr. Simoncini's interview, I put it to the test. I washed the spot to be treated, mixed enough water with the baking soda to almost liquefy and then rubbed it into the spot (assuming the skin and cancer would be able to absorb it a little better in a more liquid state). With the spot still wet, I then applied a paste mixture on the sore and left it. I didn't put a Band Aid over; but you can to keep the baking soda from rubbing off or to cover the white crusted baking soda after it has dried. I did this twice a day, in the morning and evening, and after three days, the cancer was almost gone. The experimental treatment lasted a week, which proved successful. It is gone! (Since then I wet the spot being treated with water, dab on baking and rub it in. Repeat the process 2 or 3 times and let it dry. If I am going to be in public, I brush off the excess.)
Now, here is the clincher: My cousin who is a barber, Donald Smith in Roswell, New Mexico, told me that he has a client who has had almost all of his nose removed due to cancer, and last week when he came in for a haircut, he had an oozing sore on the back side of his ear about 3/4"  in diameter and was raised at least 1/2" from the surface of his ear.  Donald told him about the email I had sent about the Baking Soda treatment (it had been biopsied as cancer and was in the latter stage). After the haircut, the man went home and tried it. He didn't mix it with water but just put it on dry, which was ok since it supplied its own moisture.
He came back the next day to see if he had applied it correctly; for he said that it set him on fire, that he had never had anything burn that bad. Even so, he said that he didn't wash it off but had left it on. My cousin took another look at his ear, and he told me that he had never see anything like it in his life. In a 24 hour period, it was as if the dermatologist had burned it off, leaving only a slightly elevated spot and thinly scabbed over. The cancer was almost totally gone.
This simple home-remedy treatment has worked for me, and it certainly appears to be working on my cousin's client. So take it for what's worth. Scoff at it, or try the inexpensive, harmless treatment that just may work on you as well. 

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Warning:  Baking Soda Toxicity

Blessings to you all today and always in the joy of life,


Note: We mentioned previously that "Bob's Red Mill Baking Soda is best, since it is aluminum free." However, we now find that all U.S. made baking soda is aluminum free. Click on this link to an email from our friend, Mary Lou, who has done some research concerning this, or use this URL: http://godfire.net/Health_Corner/baking_sodas_are_all_the_same.htm

   Elwin R. Roach

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