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The Word

Was God

Part 2

Publication #16



It has often been said that words are cheap, and rightly so, for when one who is unlearned, lacking wisdom, and is unskilled in the use of words -- then yes, WORDS ARE CHEAP. However, it is a different matter when a person can take up and use words like an accomplished artist uses his pallet and brush or as a dove when she fills the airways with her swift maneuvering. Or even, as a mighty warrior with his sword in hand and cutting asunder anything and all things that stand before him that is a threat to his cause...It is then that words are no longer cheap.

Words in the hearts and mouths of righteous and honorable men and women become living waters to us who thirst, encouragement when we are down trodden, strength when we are weak, and the wine of life when death seems to be our only portion. Oh, but those who possess the word and wield it as a sword are not always the honorable ones who would give their life that others might live. Contrary to our desires, there seems to be more today who are using words as deadly weapons than there are those who use the Living Word to ease the pain of creation's cry. Such men can use words to build kingdoms at the cost of lives and the freedom of countless others. It matters not whether the kingdom is communism as a result of the word Karl Marx delivered to the world or a word that one will use to "protect" his or her little flock -- WORDS WITHOUT LOVE ARE ORACLES OF DEATH. Knowing this, beloved, let us be mindful of the words that flow from our mouths and pens, and also, let us be careful that they are always ministered in the proper spirit, that of Jesus Christ. Yes, Let us examine ourselves.


We have had many and varied teachings concerning THE WORD, and as a result we have likewise formed many and varied concepts of the word. To some the written word (gramma Grk., II Cor. 3:6) has become a most holy and sacred thing, while others have esteemed the spoken word (rhema, Grk., Rom. 10:17) as being the primary importance to their spiritual walk. Then there are a few who have gotten a glimpse of another word called THE LOGOS -- it is this WORD, the LOGOS, that JESUS was called (Jn. 1:1). Indeed, Jesus was and IS the LOGOS, but let us not assume that this is the only application of this word. If we would examine all the scriptures where LOGOS and RHEMA are used, we would soon see that these two words appear to be very similar in meaning. We will notice, however, the actual difference in the two a little later on, and hopefully we will see the need for ALL THREE WORDS in our Christian walk.

The SPOKEN word, the RHEMA, in reality has become synonymous to the WRITTEN word, the GRAMMA. However, many feel that the rhema is supreme to the written word. We have heard it said, that since "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the WORD of God" (Rom. 10:17), we must do all we can to HEAR the word. Therefore, we find people listening to volumes upon volumes of cassette tape recordings of people who are ministering "the word of faith" -- believing that the more they hear "the word" the more faith they will have. THIS TYPE OF HEARING, if we will notice, IS NO DIFFERENT THAN READING THE WRITTEN WORD. The only difference is that the physical member of our natural bodies that transports the words to our minds in the form of thoughts is the EAR rather than the EYE. In essence they are doing the same thing. It doesn't matter whether we have READ a word or HEARD a word, if it gets no further than between our ears, OUR intellectual minds, and we live our lives according to it, then we have received the LETTER that KILLS.

I know people who will read nothing but the Bible, saying that they don't want to be influenced by man's thinking -- not realizing that much of their Bible reading is being influenced by man's thinking -- THEIR OWN. For some reason, these people will sit for hours listening to men speak, but if the same words spoken have been written on paper, they will not have anything to do with it. Many times I sit and fellowship with the Brethren the truths of God that have meant so much to me, but it is not always convenient or is impossible to PERSONALLY BE WITH EVERYONE I desire to share these thoughts with. Therefore, I sit down and write a letter called THE PATHFINDER and send a copy to each of you. In this letter I simply speak on paper what I am hearing our Lord speak to me. The only difference is that I am not bodily with everyone I mail this letter to, and those of you who would like to enter into the conversation have to take time to write back to me. Other than the time element involved, I can't see that there is really much difference in one's written word and their spoken word. The real difference comes in HOW THE WORD IS HEARD. If it is received by the ANOINTING that abides within, then LIFE is conceived within the womb of the heart and will eventually come forth as a living reality. However, if it is only the intellect of the natural mind that hears the words, then as it was mentioned earlier, the LETTER is heard which always KILLS (II Cor. 3:6). Likewise, when the scriptures of the Bible are read or heard, if there is no quickening of Life by the Spirit, we have no Life.

This is not to say that we should read the Bible and other writings only when we "feel" the anointing. If this was the case, then I am sure that there would not be very much reading of any kind done. READING IS GOOD, even if the anointing is not bringing the truth of the word to our conscious understanding at that particular moment; for when we read, data is stored in the memory banks of our minds, and when it is time for the Holy Spirit to bring a truth to Life -- something is there to be called forth. Spiritual death is not caused by reading or studying the scriptures but by trying to live what is read without ever coming to the knowledge and reality of the One that the scriptures point to -- JESUS!


FAITH is one of the foremost things every Christian must have. The writer of Hebrews said that WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD (Heb.11:6). How then, do we obtain faith? Do we just one day, out of the clear blue sky, DECIDE to believe that GOD IS? Or are we CONVINCED by a theological debate with someone who can quote the proper scriptures? Doubtfully so. The most simple answer is found written in Romans 10:17, which was mentioned above. "FAITH cometh by HEARING, and hearing by the WORD (RHEMA) of God." FAITH is produced when one HEARS a WORD OF GOD by the ANOINTING (I Jn. 2:20). The word can be quickened while praying, when listening to a man SPEAK or listening to a tape, when READING the Bible or some other inspired writing, or even when one least expects it -- they can HEAR by the ANOINTING as they go about their menial tasks of the day...without hearing a NATURAL VOICE with their NATURAL EARS. However, very often the word that produces genuine faith is a result of PREACHING, for if we will remember, God chose the "foolishness of preaching" as a primary tool to bring people into salvation (I Cor. 1:21, Rom. 10:14-15).

Let us also remember that this FAITH IS NOT a product that is generated by our own thoughts or desires, for IT IS A GIFT FROM GOD: NOT OF WORKS LEST ANY MAN SHOULD BOAST (Eph. 2:8-9). But, some might say, didn't Jesus say, "Daughter...THY FAITH hath made thee whole" (Mt. 9:22)? Yes he did make that statement, and it was HER FAITH that enabled her to be healed, but before it was her faith IT WAS GOD'S FAITH (Hab.2:4), and until HE GAVE IT TO HER SHE HAD NO FAITH. It is the same with any gift that is given; until it is in one's possession it is not theirs, but once the giver places it in their hands they can then claim ownership of the gift, which in this case is FAITH. So let us be mindful of WHERE OUR FAITH comes FROM. IT'S FROM GOD -- NOT OURSELVES!

We won't take time in this study to bring out the many examples of the ORIGIN OF FAITH, but if we did we would notice a common factor with all the patriarchs of faith -- they all HEARD the WORD (RHEMA) OF GOD by the ANOINTING OF THE SPIRIT. Many of them heard this word either through ANGELS or MEN, but it was not the eardrums vibrating and sending signals to the natural mind that caused the faith -- IT WAS THE WORD BEING SPOKEN AND HEARD BY THE SPIRIT TO THE INNER MAN THAT BIRTHED FAITH ENOUGH TO MOVE MOUNTAINS.

The misunderstanding of the word RHEMA has really produced some strange ideas about FAITH. Some of us have believed that when faith is needed for something, all that is required of us is to simply pray and "believe", then whatever it is we "need" will be delivered into our hands by a committed God. Indeed, our Father owns the cattle of a thousand hills, but we will never see the day when He becomes "Daddy Big Bucks" who doles it out to our every demanding WANT, just because we end our "prayers" with, "IN JESUS' NAME." The type of FAITH or BELIEVING that PLEASES GOD is when HE SPEAKS A WORD to our inner man and we receive that Word with gladness of heart, KNOWING that whatever HE HAS SPOKEN WILL COME TO PASS -- THIS IS WHAT FAITH IS.


From what we have been taught in the past, and I have taught some of these things also, RHEMA is the Greek for our English word "WORD", and likewise, LOGOS means the "WORD" but has a little different meaning. I agree with this much of the statement. However, I disagree somewhat with the commonly accepted meaning of the two words. LOGOS was said to be THE FULL POTENTIAL OF EVERYTHING GOD IS -- SOMETHING CAPABLE OF DOING OR SPEAKING ANYTHING BUT WITHOUT ANY ACTION INVOLVED. RHEMA, on the other hand there was supposed to be PORTIONS OF THE LOGOS BEING MANIFESTED IN THE FORM OF SPOKEN WORDS. Along with these definitions we would use a GENERATOR and ELECTRICITY as examples to clarify what was meant: A generator, as the LOGOS, may have the POTENTIAL of producing 100,000 volts of electricity, but until it is activated by something -- not one volt will travel through the wires leading from the machine. However, when a full head of steam is built up and properly used, the generator begins to produce electricity that flows through light bulbs and LIGHT is seen. The light in this analogy represented the SPOKEN RHEMA, and the electricity was supposed to be the LOGOS.

When I first heard this analogy I embraced it as a genuine truth and taught it as such, because it sounded very logical, but it soon became evident that something was not quite right, and upon looking deeper into the matter it could be seen why. When we search out all the verses where RHEMA and LOGOS are used, it appears that they have the same meaning. For example, in Jn. 14:10 Jesus said, "...the WORDS (RHEMA) that I SPEAK unto you...", and in Acts 4:31 we read, "...they SPAKE the WORD (LOGOS) of God with boldness." There are many other examples, but by taking note of these two verses alone, we can see that LOGOS and RHEMA seem to be synonymous.

RHEMA, according to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, means, "A thing spoken; a word or saying of any kind," and LOGOS means, "A speaking, a saying, a word, AS THE EXPRESSION OF THOUGHT (where rhema refers to words in their OUTWARD FORM, as parts of speech)." The primary difference in their meanings is that LOGOS is not only a SPOKEN WORD but it also EXPRESSES THE THOUGHT, INTENT and SUBSTANCE OF THE SPIRIT of the speaker. It gets down to the LOGIC of what is being said, where RHEMA is a word that doesn't necessarily have to be UNDERSTOOD -- ONLY BELIEVED.

Romans 10:17 is a good example of what the RHEMA is. "FAITH cometh by hearing, and hearing by the WORD (RHEMA) of God." When one hears by the Spirit the RHEMA of God that is "SPOKEN" to him, FAITH is the result. He doesn't have to understand the LOGIC of it, he only has to BELIEVE it (to BELIEVE and to have FAITH are the same words in the Greek). In Romans 10:8-9 Paul said this about the RHEMA and FAITH: "The WORD (RHEMA) is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the WORD (RHEMA) of FAITH, which we preach; That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt BELIEVE in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."

This seems to be pretty simple doesn't it? And it is. If we will notice, we were not instructed that we must UNDERSTAND the LOGIC of the WORD in order to be saved, but just to BELIEVE WHAT WE HEAR. In the beginning stages of our birth and beyond, the RHEMA OF GOD is LIFE to our being. Jesus made this clear when He said, "It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the WORDS (RHEMA) that I speak unto you, they are SPIRIT, and they are LIFE."

The faith that comes from hearing the rhema is wonderful indeed, we would be lost without it, but we should never remain in this place of believing only, for there comes a time when we must begin to acquire KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of the WORD, which has to do with the LOGOS. For one to grow unto maturity, it is an absolute must to comprehend what it is that God is saying to us.


The prophet Isaiah left a word for us that says, "Therefore, My people are gone into CAPTIVITY, because they have NO KNOWLEDGE...Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure..." (Isa. 5:13-14). Hosea also reflects upon this thought, "My people are DESTROYED for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE: because thou hast REJECTED KNOWLEDGE I will also REJECT THEE, that thou shalt be NO PRIEST TO ME." (Hos. 4:6). These are some of the negative things that happen when we lack knowledge and understanding or LOGIC OF the WORD OF GOD. However, when we have the logic of God's hidden treasures, look what happens: "And BY KNOWLEDGE shall the CHAMBERS BE FILLED WITH ALL PRECIOUS AND PLEASANT RICHES. A wise man is strong; yea, a man of KNOWLEDGE INCREASETH STRENGTH." (Prov 24:4-5).

Oh, how great it is to HEAR THE RHEMA OF FAITH, it's like a jewel in the crown of the King, but to have the KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE LOGOS is to possess ALL THE TREASURES OF THE KINGDOM OF OUR GOD!

Regardless of how mature we are in Christ, we must have some sort of knowledge and understanding of the Word or we will cease to grow. When we are first born of the Spirit, we will need to know how to lay the foundation of our new life before anything else can be built. We read about this in I Peter 2:2, which says, "Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings, As new born babes desire the sincere milk of the WORD, that ye may GROW thereby." The "WORD", in this verse comes from the Greek word LOGIKOS, which means LOGICAL or RATIONAL. It differs with RHEMA, in that rhema is a quickened Word we simply believe without having to have any understanding of it at all, where LOGOS or LOGIKOS is a Word that is LOGICALLY UNDERSTOOD. After a matter is understood, we must then put into EFFECT that which is UNDERSTOOD -- this would be the LOGISTICS. The World Book Dictionary gives this definition: "Logistics; the art of planning and carrying out military movement, and supply. The planning and carrying out of any complex or large-scale operation or activity: The logistics were staggering, and in fact, the trip was postponed several times before we finally got all the artists organized and together...." It is good for us to understand that the faith we receive from hearing the RHEMA is dead without WORKS, but we must also realize that without the understanding of what we have heard, we may not be able to WORK OUT OUR FAITH to a productive end.

I John 2:14 speaks of the LOGOS concerning the more mature ones: "...I have written to you, young men, because ye are STRONG, and the WORD (LOGOS) of God abideth in you, and ye have OVERCOME the wicked one." And in II Peter 3:5 we see where one who is MUCH GREATER than the strong, young men using the LOGOS: "...By the WORD of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water." This, now, does not negate the importance of the RHEMA, for if we will remember, it is recorded in Hebrews 11:3 that "...the worlds were framed by the WORD (RHEMA) of God...." You see, without faith God could not have framed the worlds (adjusted the ages, Grk), but without the understanding of HOW to accomplish it, He wouldn't have been able to do it either. I believe it works the same way with us, with the primary difference being that we have to initially RECEIVE the WORD FROM GOD, whether it is the RHEMA or the LOGOS.

When we heard the Spirit of God speaking the RHEMA to us concerning salvation, we did not have to UNDERSTAND the LOGIC of it, nor did we have to know anything about the LOGISTICS of HOW we were to be saved -- all we knew is that we were reconciled to God by the death of Jesus, and we were extremely thankful for it. However, after a period of time, we begin to realize that even though the blood of Jesus had washed us as white as snow -- there were STILL things we needed to be SAVED or DELIVERED FROM. This is where the LOGOS comes in -- a KNOWLEDGE of the WORD, so we can apply it to our lives and actually EXPERIENCE THE SALVATION we had been embracing by FAITH alone. The faith that was generated in our hearts when we first heard the rhema must now come forth as a living reality. Paul encouraged us in this when he wrote, "WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION with fear and trembling." (Phil. 2:12). This is not to say that salvation is acquired by "works", but as the Greek conveys it: TO WORK OUTWARDLY BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD THE SALVATION THAT WAS RECEIVED IN THE HEART BY FAITH. He was telling us that the CHRIST WHO DWELLS WITHIN should not remain hidden in these earthen vessels, but to LET HIM SHINE FORTH AS THE MORNING LIGHT AND NEW DAY THAT WE ARE TO BE TO GOD'S GROANING CREATION.

Paul, in writing to Timothy, also said this: "STUDY (be diligent) to shew thyself approved unto God, a WORKMAN that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly DIVIDING (cutting straight) the WORD (LOGOS) of truth." (II Tim.2:15). We see here that a Godly workman is one who is LOGISTICALLY PUTTING INTO EFFECT THE LOGIC THAT HAS BEEN LEARNED. It is good to read the scriptures, but if we are understanding the meaning of LOGOS, Paul was speaking of more than just burning the midnight oil studying the Bible. He was saying to get into the ESSENCE of GOD'S WORD and LEARN what His THOUGHTS are concerning Himself and His doctrines. From there we are to establish what we have learned. One way to use it EFFECTIVELY is as a "SHARP TWO EDGED SWORD" that will divide our souls from the Spirit and judge the thoughts and intents of our own hearts. (Heb. 4:12).

I feel that there are too many of us who fall into the following categories: We are either afraid to seek out the rational logic of the matters of God (fearing that we may find something that will challenge our "faith"), we are simply not awakened and motivated in an upward and outward direction, we are just plain lazy and can't find it within ourselves to do anything about our "comfortable" religion, or we are perhaps genuinely deceived by wolves in sheep's clothing. Whatever the reasons are, excuses will avail nothing in the economy of God. Ignorance will not deliver us, the "rapture" or the grave won't glorify us, nor will belonging to the church of our fathers' guarantee us safe passage into the Kingdom of God regardless of how big, small, nice, or doctrinally right the church is. IT IS BY KNOWING THE WORD, THE LOGOS, THE CHRIST THAT USHERS US INTO HIGH REALMS OF GOD, and we begin this journey by ASKING FOR and SEEKING THE TRUTH, which is JESUS! (Mt. 7:7 & Jn. 14:6). We can know Him in many ways, and knowing Him is a result of diligently seeking Him through the avenue of rightly dividing the LOGOS OF TRUTH.

John the Baptist also made mention of WORKING OUTWARDLY OUR OWN SALVATION (OUR SAVIOR), who is THE CHRIST WITHIN, but he used somewhat of a different term. He said, "PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD, MAKE HIS PATHS STRAIGHT." (Lk. 3:4). PATH comes from the Greek word TRIBOS which means an ELEVATED, WORN TRACK and is akin to NARROW (THLIBO), as used in Mt. 7:14, "...STRAIT is the gate, and NARROW is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." STRAIT carries the thought of STANDING CLOSE TOGETHER and WITH ACTIVITY. Both of these verses, in essence, are saying that it is WITHIN US where the PATHS are to be made that CHRIST WILL BE COMING FORTH ON, and they will not be made by luke warm Christians like ourselves. If we expect to see this HIGHWAY FOR OUR GOD to ever take shape within these vessels, that Isaiah (40:3-5) and John the Baptist spoke of, through much tribulation we are going to have to PUT OUR HAND TO THE PLOW WITH HIS and NOT LOOK BACK; then every DARKENED VALLEY within us will be lighted and exalted, and every PROUD MOUNTAIN AND HILL will be made low, and the CROOKED AREAS OF MISSING THE MARK shall be made straight, and the ROUGH PLACES made as smooth as glass. This, Brethren, will be the time when "THE GLORY OF THE LORD SHALL BE REVEALED, and ALL FLESH SHALL SEE IT TOGETHER: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it."

This PATH or HIGHWAY that the Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ, will be coming on, is not one that is laid upon the natural earth, but rather, is laid WITHIN THE EARTH OF OURSELVES and UPON OUR YIELDING HEARTS. And by the APPLICATION of the WORD, THE LOGOS, in our lives is how the HIGHWAY OF GOD TO MANKIND will be made.

When we hear the RHEMA we receive the REVELATION or VISION of the MOUNTAIN (KINGDOM OF GOD) on the horizon. Along with it we receive the FAITH that will enable us to start the journey toward that mountain. But this is not enough. We must have the maps and plans on HOW to get there -- which would be THE LOGOS. Then by the Holy Spirit we WORK OUT or apply the necessary LOGISTICS to fulfill the vision we've had. And arriving at the mountain, of course, is coming into the FULLNESS OF CHRIST. No longer is the King and His Kingdom IN US only, but upon reaching that MOUNTAIN OF GOD, we will be IN THE KING and HIS KINGDOM; and as already mentioned, we will in effect BE HIS HIGHWAY wherein He will reach and touch His creation with love.

I am aware that there are some who are claiming to be already RULING IN THE KINGDOM, and to the degree that THE KING is BEING TRULY MANIFESTED I agree, but in reality we see very little of Christ manifested His people today. We see a lot of religion and doctrines, but of Christ, we see very little. If I am wrong I stand to be corrected, which I invite if I am wrong, but what I see is that THE FIRSTFRUITS OF GOD ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BEING PREPARED TO BRING FORTH HIS KINGDOM IN THE EARTH, rather than having been already made perfect.


It is good that we are aware of the importance of understanding that the LOGOS, the LOGIC OF THE TRUTHS OF GOD, is an essential need for our Spiritual growth. But WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF THE LOGOS?

THE LOGOS, as we have been shown, IS A WORD BROUGHT FORTH THAT CARRIES WITH IT THE THOUGHT AND INTENT OF THE SPEAKER. If one hears and understands what the thought of the speaker is, and it is by the same spirit of the speaker that he receives it, then the LOGOS is what is being heard. If he is INSPIRED by the words and receives FAITH only, then the RHEMA is heard, and on the other hand, if he receives it with nothing more than the INTELLECT of the mind, that individual has heard the GRAMMA...the LETTER THAT KILLS. However, there is still something more that we should know about the LOGOS, and that is its ESSENCE.

THE ESSENCE of anything, according to The World Book Dictionary is: " 1) that which makes a thing what it is, necessary part or parts, important feature or features; 2) any concentrated preparation that has the CHARACTERISTIC flavor, fragrance, or effect of the plant, fruit, or the like, from which it was obtained; 3) a perfume, a scent; 4) Figurative. something that is, especially a spiritual or immaterial entity; 5) Philosophy. the inward nature or true substance of anything."

When we inhale the sweet fragrance of the beautiful Rose of Sharon, what are we smelling? Its ESSENCE of course, and it is carried to us on the wings of the wind. This fragrance is a concentration of what the flower's character- istic is, and even in the darkest of nights its essence can still be sensed.

Likewise, when we look upon those who have been born of the Spirit of God, what do we see? If they are growing or have come to full maturity, as a rose in full bloom, their ESSENCE will be manifested. It may be in various forms, of which, they will all stem from the beauty of God's pure love. Such an essence can come forth as the sweet fragrance of joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance as it permeates the air of our Spirit. Oh, what a blessing it is to be around those who radiate God's love!

Or perhaps the essence is a WORD being preached, and our hungry hearts receive it as meat for our longing souls, and with understanding we know that we will be able to finish the race. Whatever the manifestation is, it is THE WORD THE PURE ESSENCE OF GOD that we receive.

The WRITTEN WORD, THE GRAMMA, is a product of the essence of God, for when it came OUT OF GOD and to the prophets it came as a part of Himself. However, in putting it on paper much of the fragrance was lost, because the written words could only TELL THINGS ABOUT GOD -- they in themselves WERE NOT GOD. Many of the WORDS SPOKEN to the writers of the Bible were heard only as THE RHEMA, for to a large degree, the words they had heard had certainly produced FAITH in their hearts, but they did not UNDERSTAND enough about the LOGOS to LOGISTICALLY walk in what they had heard. They walked IN FAITH but not IN REALITY, for it was not time for them to enter into the fullness of God. However, the end of the ages has come upon us, and it appears that the time is ripe for receiving THE LOGOS, the PURE ESSENCE OF GOD.

Let us now read John 1:1-2 & 14 in this manner: "In the beginning was the ESSENCE, and ESSENCE was with God, and the ESSENCE WAS GOD. The SAME (ESSENCE) was in the beginning with God. And the ESSENCE WAS MADE FLESH, and dwelt among us, (AND WE BEHELD HIS GLORY...), full of grace and truth." What a glorious manifestation, THE WORD, THE VERY ESSENCE OF GOD being made flesh so we could behold HIS WONDERFUL MAJESTY, but not only that, because of this WORD (JESUS THE CHRIST) being made flesh, dying, and then resurrecting, we now have an access into Him and are becoming what He is -- THE WORD, THE ESSENCE OF GOD! LET US PRAISE HIM!


Elwin R. Roach


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